Where is Love Island USA Season 6 Filmed?

‘Love Island USA’ takes us to an exotic island destination for season 6 as ten new contestants enter the glamourous villa, where they compete for special privileges and a $100,000 prize. The central challenge of the game is to form couples with the other islanders to be voted to the next stage while avoiding being left single and eliminated. The players have limited communication with the outside world but have all the luxuries they need to form lively relationships. A tryst at the Hideaway and special dates are reserved for challenge-winning couples.

The Peacock reality TV show is hosted by Ariana Madix, who presents couples with the rules and their trials while making us privy to special commentary. One of the most stunning features of the show is the venue itself, a dazzling villa boasting oceanfront views, begging the discovery of its actual location.

Love Island USA Season 6 Filming Location

‘Love Island USA’ season 6 is filmed in Mamanuca Islands, Fiji. While the previous season of the show saw a Fiji hotel booked out for filming, season 6 has the contestants heading to a small island with a luxurious villa refurbished from an existing property by the production team. The vibrant set fits in well with the tropical paradise of surrounding greenery, fine sandy beaches, and crystal-clear turquoise waters.

Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

The Mamanuca Islands, a picturesque archipelago off the western coast of Viti Levu in Fiji, serve as the breathtaking backdrop for season 6 of ‘Love Island USA.’ This group of about 20 islands is located within the South Pacific Ocean, boasting a warm, tropical climate year-round. The islands are a hotspot for tourists, offering numerous luxury resorts, but none quite like the villa seen in the show. This is because the existing private property was worked on by production designer Richard Jensen along with about 50 locals to prepare it as the set of ‘Love Island USA’ season 6.

The villa, covering a sprawling 50,000 square feet, features two pools – one of which includes seating for casual conversations or romantic moments. The property is adorned with 19 miles of fairy lights and four miles of neon lights, creating a magical ambiance that complements the tropical setting. This villa marks a significant milestone for the ‘Love Island’ franchise, being the first time the Beach Hut confessional has been redesigned. A swing sofa with a bed of sand underneath provides an ideal spot for private chats with a view of the entire property. Inside, the updated dressing room offers the ladies ample space to prepare for the day or themed parties at night, ensuring they look their best for every occasion.

The Mamanuca Islands’ villa not only provides a stunning setting for the islanders’ romantic escapades and competitive challenges but also immerses us in the exotic natural beauty and serene atmosphere of Fiji. Some other films and shows shot in Fiji and its many islands include ‘Survivor,’ ‘Treasure Island,’ ‘Cast Away,’ ‘Fantasy Island,’ ‘Love Island Australia,’ and ‘Love Island Games.’

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