Where is Love Island Games Filmed? Full Details

One of the most attractive things about Peacock’s ‘Love Island Games’ is the sheer natural beauty we get to see. The crashing waves on sand beaches certainly add to the atmosphere of living to the fullest and have left many of the viewers captivated. The luxurious villa that the participants call their home only adds to the reasons why we would certainly like to trade places with them if possible. Of course, we do need to know just where the beautiful house is located to make an informed decision, don’t we?

Love Island Games Filming Location

As it turns out, ‘Love Island Games’ is actually filmed in the beautiful country of Fiji in Oceania. The very first season of the show was actually produced in the months of September and October 2023 and featured some breathtaking backdrops that we could not help but fall for. It certainly goes without saying that every single fan of the show is more than eager to know more about the place that the participants call home for several weeks as they partake in this competition.

Fiji, Oceania

The production of ‘Love Island Games’ takes place on one of many islands located in Fiji, Oceania. The county is located in the Southern Pacific Ocean and boasts several beautiful beaches located across over 300 islands. Despite living in a remote place and being cut off from any external communication, the participants certainly don’t seem to lack any facilities given the luxuries that the villa is full of. However, keen-eyed viewers could not help but notice some obvious similarities between the place featured in this show and another villa from the same franchise.

We are, of course, referring to the villa that was used by the participants in ‘Love Island USA’ season 5. For one thing, this particular installment of the US version of the show was also filmed in Fiji. More than that, there are some highly recognizable places from season 5 of ‘Love Island USA’ that have also been seen in ‘Love Island Games’ season 1. From a very similar-looking firepit to a bedroom that fans are certain is the same one we saw in season 5 of the US show, it is possible that the villa from the previous show may have been repurposed for the spinoff series.

Some other locations that seem to be quite similar in both shows include the common area, where the islanders hang out for the most part. The iconic walkway that Sarah Hyland would walk in season 5 of ‘Love Island USA’ seems to be the same one that Maya Jama used in ‘Love Island Games’ season 1. That said, while the former show was being produced around the same time that it was airing, the spinoff series was recorded before it even premiered.

Even if both shows have indeed been produced in the same villa, the production team of ‘Love Island Games’ has certainly made some changes. Some of the most recognizable neon signs seem to have changed, and the name of the show has obviously been changed to better suit the newer spinoff. That said, it would certainly be exciting to see if the Fiji villa will be featured in any other shows within the ‘Love Island‘ franchise, though there is yet to be an official confirmation about the ‘Love Island USA’ season 5 being used for ‘Love Island Games’ season 1.

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