Is Love Island Games Live or Pre-Recorded?

Peacock’s ‘Love Island Games’ has garnered the attention of people across borders since it features our favorites from the ‘Love Island‘ franchise that hail from multiple countries. While the idea of combining romance with fun games and carried-over drama is undoubtedly interesting, people have also become curious about one particular thing. As fans of the franchise might be aware, one of the biggest selling points of the series is how viewers get to know about the events just a few hours after they actually take place. But that has also left many wondering if the same formula has been used for the star-studded ‘Love Island Games.’

Is Love Island Games Filmed Beforehand?

It seems like ‘Love Island Games’ has indeed taken a different approach to just how the production process would go down for this particular spinoff. Instead of releasing episodes in a matter of hours after the real-life events, the show is filmed prior to even the premiere of the corresponding season. This particular process certainly has affected how the public is used to interacting with the franchise in general and the sense of anticipation that builds up as a season progresses.

One of the biggest indications that the show is not exactly “live” is the fact that cast members themselves have often shared details about the same. In late October 2023, Johnny Middlebrooks shared an Instagram post detailing how the production for season 1 had already been completed, even though the show was set to premiere on November 1, 2023. “Spent the last 6 weeks filming in Fiji and I must say… This show will exceed all expectations. I genuinely had the time of my life, and I will cherish the memories we all made together forever,” Johnny explained in the post.

Additionally, during her appearance in the Staying Relevant podcast, Kady McDermott, the star of ‘Love Island UK,’ seasons 2 and 10, shared how she had decided not to partake in the first season of the show. “I got asked to do Love Island The Games in September – I’ve had enough, I’m retired for the year. I’ll leave that one,” Kady explained in August 2023. This timeline certainly fits in with what Johnny himself shared, indicating the filming for the show’s first season commenced in September 2023 and ended in October of the same year before being released in November 2023.

On many levels, this particular type of production means that the viewers have little to no say about which couple will stay and who will get eliminated, unlike their experiences with the other ‘Love Island’ shows. Instead, the outcomes of the show are dependent on how the participants perform in different challenges. From trying to steal a partner to even getting to choose your partner first, almost every single decision in the show is based on how well the participants perform in the games. While this might be everyone’s style, it is certainly going to be a much more relaxed working environment for people in post-production who usually have to work under a strict time crunch.

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