Love Island UK Season 10: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

In a feat to discover love and romance, young singles arrive on a tropical island in ‘Love Island.’ The reality television show features a group of singles who embark on an adventure to find forevermore. However, with different people in the picture and the possibilities of connections abound, the relationships take a messy turn, and the singles become embroiled in drama. Season 10 of ‘Love Island UK’ features an equally intense premise where couples navigate drama and heartbreak. So, if you’re also wondering which couples are still together, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Are Sammy and Jess Still Together?

Having won the top spot, Sammy and Jess are relishing each other’s company as they embark on new adventures together. While the 22-year-old duo walked away with the season’s title, their journey was anything but smooth. After arriving on the island on Day 4, Sammy tried to establish a connection with several girls. Not just this, Sammy didn’t return from the Casa Amor segment alone. Naturally, many had anticipated that Jess and Sammy would fall out.

However, the duo managed to settle into their current relationship towards the end of the season. Now that cameras no longer surround them, Sammy and Jess look forward to taking things at their own pace. The duo plans on traveling and taking a trip to Far East Asia. While Sammy and Jess have not made concrete plans to move in together and get a house, it is apparent that several milestones lay ahead for the couple!

Are Lochan and Whitney Still Together?

In addition to placing second in the season, Whitney and Lochan, two 25-year-olds, also found a chance to develop a deep connection. While Whitney was initially coupled with Medhi, the reality star was eventually left single after he was dumped from the island. Lochan and Whitney gravitated towards one another during the Casa Amor segment. Unlike their fellow Islanders, the couple enjoyed a blissful time during their time on the island.

Their drama-free relationship even led viewers to assume they’d walk away with the top prize. While Whitney and Lochan are shocked at the results, they still look forward to deepening their connection and relishing each other’s company after exiting the show. As two people who prefer hanging out together to going all-out, Lochan and Whitney continue to embark on a new journey together while navigating their careers and newfound fame.

Are Tyrique and Ella Still Together?

Despite coupling up on Day 1, Tyrique and Ella’s relationship was fraught with intense arguments. Even though the duo became the longest-tenured couple in the season, they shared several dramatic moments. While the 24-year-old footballer flirted with Kady and even explored a possible connection with other singles, Ella, the 23-year-old model, returned from Casa Amor with Ouzy.

However, despite these ups and downs, Tyrique and Ella also made evocation of affection repeatedly. After placing third on the show, Tyrique and Ella have continued to explore the vivacity of their relationship. No longer surrounded by cameras, the duo is catching up with reality. The couple also looks forward to setting new milestones in their personal and professional lives.

Are Zach and Molly Still Together?

Like several of their fellow Islanders, Zach and Molly did not find an attraction toward one another from the get-go. Instead, the duo had been in a couple with other individuals before finding their way to each other. Initially, the 25-year-old basketball player had found himself with Catherine, and Molly, the 21-year-old content creator, was enamored with Michael. However, two weeks into the season, things changed for the duo.

After Zach and Molly kissed each other during a challenge, they found an innate connection. Later, Molly was dumped from the island and brought back during the Casa Amor segment, giving the couple more room to experience a blossoming romance. After finishing fourth in the season, Zach and Molly are looking forward to enjoying quietude with one another. The couple also wants to enjoy their time in secrecy after spending much time in front of the cameras.

Are Mitchel and Ella B Still Together?

Having entered the villa on Day 39, 23-year-old Ella Barnes quickly developed feelings for Mitchel. However, the 26-year-old gas engineer was already smitten with Abi. From admitting that he saw a future with Abi alone and confessing to his fellow Islanders that Ella was ‘fake,’ it seemed the duo would never get together.

However, the couple ultimately became exclusive and retained confidence in each other even after walking off the island. Since exiting the villa, Mitchel and Ella have gone on public dates and look forward to living close to one another. Apart from their blossoming romance, Mitchel and Ella also look forward to their careers in gas engineering and modeling, respectively.

Are Ouzy and Kady Still Together?

Despite the unfailing chemistry that had led Kady, the 27-year-old business owner, and Ouzy, the 28-year-old footballer, to come together, things didn’t pan out as unexpected. After their exit from the show, the couple managed to stay strong for a while. However, just weeks after leaving the villa, Ouzy and Kady unfollowed each other on Instagram, sparking rumors.

Ultimately, Kady took to her Instagram and clarified in a since-deleted story that Kady’s actions after they returned home couldn’t allow them to start a serious relationship. As such, Ouzy and Kady separated just weeks after leaving the island. Despite their breakup, Ouzy and Kady still wish each other the best and continue to share a friendship.

Are Montel and Leah Still Together?

Even though Leah, the 27-year-old marketer, and Montel, the 25-year-old football player, discovered an attraction towards each other, the roadblocks in their path ultimately got the best of them. After Montel kissed Tink in the Casa Amor segment, things barely managed to get back on track for the duo.

Finally, the couple walked out of the villa hand in hand. However, it wasn’t long before the residual disdain emerged in their relationship. Not too long after exiting the villa, Montel and Leah called it quits. With divergent opinions on morals and like-mindedness, Leah and Montel couldn’t regain the trust they’d lost during the Casa Amor segment, which became the primary reason for their breakup outside the villa.

Are Elom and Catherine Still Together?

Elom and Catherine had found each other after realizing their incompatibility with other singles on the island. The two 22-year-olds gravitated toward one another during the Casa Amor segment. While Catherine left Scott behind to discover a connection with Elom, the latter continued to face streaks of doubt and eventually suggested he would want to explore a connection with other bombshells.

The comment rendered the duo closed off from each other. Shortly after their surprise elimination, Elom and Catherine decided to split. After the cameras closed on them, Elom also expressed his unwillingness to commit to a relationship on the ‘Reality with Will Njobvu’ podcast. While many anticipate a reigniting romance between Elom and Scott, the stars are yet to confirm anything. As such, for the time being, it seems that Catherine and Elom are going to focus on their careers and grab new opportunities.

Are André and Ruchee Still Together?

The original islanders felt a pull towards each other from week one. After 21-year-old André left Caroline to discover a connection with 24-year-old Ruchee, the couple shared a short-lived romance. Ultimately, André and Ruchee were dropped from the island shortly after, leaving no way for their romance to blossom. However, rumors of a possible romance emerged after pictures of the duo at a restaurant emerged.

While their seemingly cozy photos led people to believe they were in a relationship, the stars later confirmed that they are not together but share a close friendship. So, even though romance is off the table for the reality stars, it is apparent that they have managed to gain a good friendship! Well, as long as they are happy and flourishing in their individual lives, we are sure their fans will continue to shower them with their love and support.

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