Aaron and Cynthia: Are the Love Island Australia Stars Still a Couple?

The 9Go Australian television reality series ‘Love Island’ follows an engaging format, where Islanders arrive on an isolated villa and must make connections suited to them under constant surveillance. The pairs that manage to stick till the end are given a choice to choose love or money, giving the show its winner. In season 2, the gorgeous 23-year-old model from Brisbane, Cynthia Taylu, signed up, hoping to find unconditional love from someone who would value her sentiments and share words of affirmation with her.

Though her search took a while, she eventually found a connection akin to her requirement in late entrant, 27-year-old Aaron Deacon Shaw, a former soldier and model from Gold Coast, Queensland. The pair instantly clicked and within a short span of time, became one of the strongest couples on the show, a tag that helped earn them the third position as well. While it’s been quite some time since the season wrapped up, loyal fans of the show have been wondering whether Cynthia and Aaron’s blooming love lasted the test of time.

Aaron and Cynthia Bonded in their First Meeting

Cynthia was one of the original Islanders of season 2, while Aaron entered around four weeks later. Before his entry, Cynthia had had quite a topsy-turvy ride on the show. While her connection with Maurice had been a little awkward, she ensured that the boys in the Villa were well aware of her thoughts and feelings. Though things did not work with Maurice during the initial stages, he did start showing interest in her later. As her heart struggled to choose between trying to reconnect with Maurice and looking at a potential relationship with her first connection Sam, she went with the latter.

However, luck didn’t favor her much, and Cynthia was left heartbroken after Sam told her that her feelings for him weren’t reciprocated. Despite putting up a strong face, seeing the couples around had started to affect her. Refusing to give up, she decided to see if there was a possible connection with Gerard. Just as she began to pursue him, fate played up, and once again, she was pushed into the friend zone. Even though luck was not favoring her repeatedly, she refused to give up. And that’s when Aaron’s arrival ended up changing Cynthia’s fortunes.

With Aaron, Cynthia decided to have a different approach and be more upfront with her feelings. This led the pair to slowly start a budding romance. Their liking for each other eventually bloomed further, and the two ended up admitting their feelings, leading the relationship to progress further. Aaron, being the charmer he was, put in a lot of effort to create the perfect romantic date for Cynthia, who was thrilled to have finally found a boy to settle within the Villa. The pair opened up on their final date, sharing intimate secrets about each other. Then they went on a jet ski ride as Cynthia rode pillion to Aaron, ending what was a beautiful date for the couple.

Aaron and Cynthia Have Moved On in Their Respective Lives

After losing in the finals to Anna McEvoy and Josh Packham, Aaron and Cynthia decided to call it quits a few months after leaving the Villa. In November 2019, a heartbroken Cynthia shared news about the split on her social media. Her post read, “As you’ve all probably noticed, Aaron and I are no longer together. I ask you all to please be respectful of me during this time. It’s been a very draining and emotional time….but I’m looking forward to the future.”

Following their split, both Cynthia and Aaron moved on in life and decided to concentrate on their careers. Cynthia focused on her modeling career and started a website cum blog called ‘Taylu The Blog’ which she describes as ‘a platform for the people, by the people.’ She also runs a podcast called ‘Taylu,’ where she posts solo episodes and episodes with a range of guests who inspire her. Cynthia is quite active on social media and often posts about her friends, herself, and things she’s inspired by.

However, the petite bombshell has preferred to keep her private life and relationship under wraps and away from the public eye. Meanwhile, Aaron returned to his career as a model and actor. Currently residing in his hometown in Gold Coast, he often posts snaps from his travels around the world. However, like Cynthia, Aaron also has maintained a low profile about his personal life.

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