Abbey and David: Is the Love on the Spectrum US Couple Still Together?

As a reality dating series living up to its title and its Australian parent original in every way conceivable, Netflix’s ‘Love on the Spectrum US‘ can only be described as insightful as well as heartwarming. That’s because it revolves around a group of individuals with autism as they navigate the innately complex world of dating to really shine a light on what this process is like for them. Amongst them in season 2 of this original were return cast members Abigail “Abbey” Romeo Lutes and David Isaccman — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about them, we’ve got you covered.

Abbey and David’s Love on the Spectrum Journey

The moment we first came across Abbey, the now-25-year-old essentially seemed to be floating in sheer joy owing to her affection for her family, Disney movies, and wild/sea animals. Though she did admit to relating to Ariel from ‘The Little Mermaid’ he most whenever she can’t convey her thoughts properly, stating it makes her feel like her voice gets completely stolen from her. That’s why this lion lover wished for a companion who not only understood her but was also similar in a sense, even driving her to work on bettering her communication skills with an autism expert.

Once Abbey was ultimately ready to step out in her search for love again (she’d had a long term boyfriend before), she met someone just as endearing and captivated by animals as her, David. They actually had their first date at the zoo, where it came to light that his favorite creature was a lion as well, and he’d even seen them in the wild in Africa during a vacation with family. From sweet exchanges about their shared interest to natural pauses and from him suggesting a trip to Africa together to gifting her a flamingo bracelet, everything made their date a great one, leading to much more.

Abbey and David’s second date was thus at a wildlife sanctuary called Lion, Tigers & Bears — the latter’s most treasured place, where he gifted her an elephant-related piece as well as a hat. However, it was their shared experience of feeding the animals that really brought them closer, especially as David asserted he’d protect Abbey from any harm before they went on to hold hands as well as have a sweet kiss on the cheek. The way this duo then got together on a beach just to hang out, interact more deeply, meet Abbey’s pet dog, and more, further made it clear that they were on the right track.

Therefore, it came as no surprise when Abbey later invited David over to celebrate Christmas, where they not only shared beautiful, meaningful presents but also agreed to become official. As if that’s not enough, even their loved ones grew close, and it resulted with them actually making that trip to Africa in 2022; it was the couple, her mother, plus his two sisters. The fact he duo are already talking about marriage is a massive plus too, yet it’s their unwavering care, kindness, respect, as well as understanding towards one another that makes them work. The prime example of this is David calming her down without losing patience himself during their safari and then them singing “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?” from the ‘Lion King’ in perfect harmony.

Are Abbey and David Still Together?

Of course, from what we can tell through their respective social media platforms, Abbey and David are still blissfully together — they recently even celebrated their two year anniversary. The truth is neither this hat crocheter, singer, and public speaker, not her public figure boyfriend shy away from sharing their relationship online, so all you have to do to pick up on their current standing is check out their Instagram profiles, as seen below. They truly do back their claim of him being her lion and her being his lioness, so we honestly can’t wait to see what’s in the cards for them next. We wish them nothing but the best for years to come.

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