Abby Furness: Where is Stalking Survivor Now?

Netflix’s ‘Can I Tell You a Secret?’ highlights the stories of three different women who found their lives turned upside down due to the actions of a cyberstalker. For Abby Furness, the internet had first seemed like the place to be, but things quickly changed when Matthew Hardy decided to target her. Despite the hardships that she had to face, Abby kept her head high and left no stone unturned in trying to find justice. Hence, she has gained a large number of supporters from across the world, who have always remained invested in what is going on in her life.

Abby Furness’ Life Was Turned Upside Down by Her Stalker

An expert fire-breather, Abby Furness used to find joy in her art and was always delighted to share her feats on social media, especially Instagram. This allowed her to create a highly admiring fanbase who adored her and whom she adored in return. “My Instagram is kind of like a personality of mine. Helps me know who I am,” she shared in the Netflix documentary series. “I couldn’t really see any negatives. Don’t know if I was just being naive, but I would never have dreamt of what happened. None of us did.”

Abby also recalled a memorable trip when she was invited to Ibiza, Spain, by her mother and brother. She and her boyfriend had enjoyed themselves there, and the fire-breather had formed good connections with people she met there, including many influencers, including a girl named Lexie. However, after she returned from the trip, she was soon contacted by someone whom she believed to be Jodie, another girl she had met during the trip.

The person claiming to be Jodie apparently told Abby that she was a trustworthy individual, and the messages that Abby received started to worry her. They then asked Abby, “Can I tell you a secret?” This was followed by the person on the other end insinuating that she had been talking to Rick, Lexie’s boyfriend. Confused, Abby contacted Lexie to ask why Jodie was saying these things. However, Lexie soon confirmed that whoever Abby was talking to was not Lexie.

About a week after this incident, Abby’s boyfriend became distant with her. He claimed that he was told by two girls on the internet that Abby had cheated on him with a security guard of a club she had apparently gone to. Abby insisted that this was not true, but the accusation led to a permanent crack in Abby’s relationship, which soon came to an end. However, this was only the start of all that Abby had to go through.

Not much later, Abby went to a photographer named Lee and had a photoshoot, which included some risque photographs. Following the photo shoot, Abby was contacted by a co-worker sometime later who apologized to her. The co-worker stated that he had been talking to someone he had believed to be Abby. The conversation had been apparently flirty in nature, and the co-worker had also received some explicit photos of Abby.

As it turns out, Abby’s stalker had contacted Lee with a different number, claiming that it was her personal number. As such, the photographer had sent all the pictures from the shoot to that number, not realizing that it was not Abby. Not knowing whom to trust, Abby went back to live with her parents. The stalker decided to impersonate Abby and started contacting her family members.

In order to get away from everything, Abby decided to take a trip to Ibiza. However, just before she was to leave, she received a message from Instagram that stated, “You need to be very careful. Beware. I’m gonna come to Ibiza and get you. I’ll find you, and you’ll get hurt. Not in a violent way. In other ways.” Terrified, Abby contacted the police in Kent, England, and was asked if she was in immediate danger.

When Abby stated that she did think she was, she was informed that the police would be with her in about an hour. However, she was apparently contacted by another officer again, who asked again if she really thought that the danger was immediate. Feeling like the other person did not think that the issue was as serious as she thought it was, Abby apparently felt embarrassed and decided to decline the police visit.

Abby Furness is Now in a Happy Relationship

Thanks to a comment on Instagram Live, Abby Furness was able to link her stalker to Matthew Hardy, who had been accused of cyberstalking in 2010. Frustrated that Matthew’s actions had led her to lose trust in everyone, Abby craved justice. She was also saddened that all the connections that she had built so diligently were ruined due to the harassment that she suffered at his hands. Hence, when Matthew Hardy was sentenced to nine years in prison on January 26, 2022, Abby could not help but feel elated.

As of writing, Abby is pursuing a career in music. She is presently affiliated with Abby Erin Entertainment, which has been active for 5 years and provides various forms of entertainment. From fire-breathing to acting as a Disney princess, Abby is known for her skills as a performer. She is also active on platforms like OnlyFans, TikTok, and Instagram, with over 14K followers on the latter platform. As for her romantic life, Abby is in a blissful relationship with Grady Steer, a photographer from Brighton, England. In fact, the two recently went on a trip to Australia.

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