Lia Hambly: Where is Stalking Survivor Now?

Among the brave women who decided to share their stories with the public in Netflix’s ‘Can I Tell You a Secret?’ Lia Hambly certainly left an impact on the viewers. On the show, the English woman shared how her life was turned upside down by the actions of a single man who decided to harass her via the internet. Despite fearing for her safety, Lia remained hopeful that she would get justice, and her meticulous approach to the case certainly helped catch the person behind it all. This has naturally made many people inquire about how she is faring.

Lia Hambly Collected Loads of Evidence Against Her Stalker

For Lia Hambly, social media had once been an irreplaceable part of her life. Given that all of her friends and family were on the platform, she delighted in sharing what was happening in her life. She also enjoyed learning about what her loved ones were up to. Based in Kent, England, she was a paralegal who had no idea just how her life would soon change. One night, she got a message from an unknown profile on social media claiming that she had something urgent to tell her.

Initially, Lia decided to ignore the messages. However, the next morning, she was bombarded by messages from several people she knew who were claiming that she had been messaging them. Realizing that someone was using a fake profile of hers to connect with people in her network, Lia used her own social media to let everyone know that she was being stalked. However, this was only the start, as the stalker only increased their activities and contacted as many people as Lia. The stalker even started to message various men in a sexual manner and invite people to her home.

Lia shared how she was contacted by people about why she was talking to their husbands/boyfriends in such a manner. She and her parents became concerned that someone Lia knew might be doing this to create havoc in her life. The person started to harass her more and more, which made Lia scared of what she should do. In fact, the paralegal stopped going out on her own and was often accompanied by family members when she was out.

Maria Hambly, Lia’s mother, shared how Lia had once sat down on the stairs of their home and burst into tears due to the amount of stress and fear that this situation was causing her. Throughout this ordeal, the paralegal maintained a meticulous record of everything pertaining to her stalker, like she would for any case in her line of work. Even to this day, she remains thankful for the love and support that her family and friends provided to her during this time.

Lia Hambly is Now a Business Owner

When police officer Kevin Anderson was trying to find hard evidence to connect Matthew Hardy to multiple cases of cyberstalking, he contacted Lia Hambly. In return, Lia handed over every piece of information she had collected in a yellow file. Anderson himself could not help but be impressed by the amount of work Lia had put in and admitted that the detailed record allowed the investigators to build a solid case against Hardy, who was sentenced to nine years in prison for his crimes on January 26, 2022.

As of writing, Lia Hambly seems to be doing well in life. Once a paralegal, she seems to have pivoted towards the worlds of business and fashion. In fact, she is presently the proud owner of Lia’s Looks, an online boutique store from which people across the United Kingdom can order a variety of clothes and accessories. On a more personal note, she remains as close to her family as ever. While her ability to trust in others was certainly impacted, she has continued to soldier on and build new happy memories.

One way in which Lia has decided to embrace the spirit of living life to the fullest is through traveling. In September 2023, she enjoyed her trip across Italy, which was followed by her visit to Dubai, UAE, in January 2024. She and Abby Furness even appeared on ‘This Morning’ on December 21, 2024, in order to promote the Netflix documentary series that tells the world about just what they had to go through.

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