Accused Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained

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The fifth episode of ‘Accused’ follows the story of a man named Kevin. During the day, Kevin is a mild-manner English teacher, but at night, when he performs as a drag queen, he is the fierce and confident Robyn who is not afraid to talk back to men who catcall her in the middle of the night. She’d been living her life as usual, but everything changed when she met Jamie. Over the course of the episode, we find Robyn falling in love and then coming across some heartbreaking realizations which end with a tragedy that threatens to derail her entire life. Here’s a look at what happens in the episode and what the ending means for Robyn. SPOILER’S AHEAD

Accused Episode 5 “Robyn’s Story” Recap

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After a glamorous performance, Robyn walks home one night. She is catcalled by a drunk man and she stands up for herself, which makes the man all the more furious. His friends put him in a cab and send him home, but one of them follows Robyn. He reveals himself to be Jamie, the brother of the man who was just spewing bad words at her. Jamie gives Robyn a lift home and they end up sleeping with each other.

Robyn sees a ring on Jamie’s finger and realizes that he is married. When she confronts him about it, he reveals that his wife died a year ago. After a month’s radio silence, Jamie returns to Robyn and they start a passionate love affair where Jamie opens up about his closeted life and how his brother’s prejudice kept him from embracing that side of himself.

Just when Robyn starts to think that her love story has a beautiful turn, she finds Jamie with another woman. It turns out that Jamie is indeed married and unlike he said, his wife didn’t die. This makes Robyn furious and after meeting with his wife, Natalie, who doesn’t know about their affair, she decides to call quits on the relationship with Jamie. But then, Jamie calls her to run away with him, and it isn’t until much later that Robyn discovers his secret.

Accused Episode 5 “Robyn’s Story” Ending: Is Robyn Found Guilty?

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Robyn liked Jamie, and it got to the point where she actually believed that things were getting serious between them. But when she discovered that he had lied about his wife being dead, she finds it best to end everything before things can get out of hand. Unbeknownst to them, Natalie witnesses their break-up and she realizes that Jamie is having an affair with Kevin, the man she’d sold two dresses to just the day before. At home, she confronts Jamie about it. She’d had her suspicions about him having an affair, but she didn’t know that her husband was a closeted gay.

The argument between them gets to the point that Jamie ends up killing Natalie. Instead of going to the police about it, he calls Robyn and tells her that he wants them to run away. Once again, he lies and says that Natalie has gone to live with her sister, and now that he has told her everything, he will be separating from her. Robyn is happy to hear this and readily agrees to leave with him. The next day, when they stop at a gas station, Jamie finally confesses everything that happened the previous night.

Robyn is shocked when she finds out that not only did Jamie kill his wife but he has the body in the trunk of the same car in which Robyn is sitting at the moment. On top of that, he expects Robyn to help him dispose of the body. Seeing Natalie’s dead body makes everything scarily real for her and she runs away. The police are called and Jaime is arrested. Robyn expected to have some time to herself to move on from this traumatic experience but then, she is arrested for being complicit in the murder.

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It turns out that not only did Jamie confess to his crime, but he also told the cops that he’d done it under Robyn’s influence. It was she who made him do and she had promised to help him dispose of the body too. Robyn’s presence in the car and her fingerprints on the hood of the car are taken as evidence against her. After a while, she realizes that she is presenting herself to the court as Kevin. All they see is a black gay man who enticed a white straight man into doing something he didn’t want to. The jury is already biased against her and this means that they will most likely find her guilty of something she had no hand in. So, Robyn decides to tell the truth.

She leaves behind Kevin and dresses up as Robyn in the court. She reveals how difficult it is to be Robyn during the daytime in public and how much danger she is putting herself in because of it. This attracts attention and she asks the jury why she would possibly dress the same while trying to dispose of a body. Why would she demand attention towards herself if she knew she was going to do something terrible and wouldn’t want anyone to know about it? In the end, the jury heeds Robyn’s arguments for her case and declares her not guilty of the crime.

What Happens to Jamie?

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When Robyn runs away from his car, refusing to help him get rid of the body, the cops are called and Jamie is arrested. He knows that there is no way he can get himself out of this situation. So, he confesses everything, but he doesn’t own up to his responsibility for everything that happened. Instead, he blames Robyn for it and tells the cops that he did it because of her. She influenced him to murder his wife, and thus, he makes Robyn complicit in a crime she never committed.

In the end, Robyn gets justice, and Jamie convicted of murder is sent to prison where he will spend most of his life now. His decision to lie about Robyn’s role in the murder also proves that he still hasn’t let go of the shame and prejudice about his queerness and it was this shame and anger that made him want to destroy Robyn’s life. It looks like he will be living with that for the rest of his life too.

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