Here Are All the Places Where Act of Valor Was Filmed

090816-N-4205W-033 JOHN C STENNIS SPACE CENTER, Miss. (Aug. 16, 2009) Special warfare combatant-craft crewmen (SWCC) from Special Boat Team 22 operate a special operations craft-riverine (SOC-R) during the filming of a scene in an upcoming major motion picture. The movie is due in theaters in 2010. (U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Kathryn Whittenberger/Released)

‘Act of Valor’ is a military action film unlike any other of the genre out there. For starters, the movie was filmed extremely authentically, using real Navy SEAL officers as actors. The production started out as an attempt to make a recruitment video. However, it was soon transformed into a feature film that could challenge any other military movie to match its level of reality.

The movie revolves around a team of Navy SEALs who start the film by going on a mission to rescue an abducted CIA operative. Soon, they find out about a massive terror attack plan on the United States. Then, the team undertakes various missions and operations to defend the county.

Act of Valor Filming Locations

‘Act of Valor’ is a movie that sees its Navy SEAL characters go on literally explosive missions all over the world. The action is spread out from Phillippines to Mexico. The scenes which are set in such faraway places do not feel exotic because there is a sense of realism attached to the way they were filmed. Hence, the places where the film’s story is set in feel extremely authentic. Thus, it is natural for viewers to wonder where the movie was shot. Have a look at the following video which shows how the movie was made:

San Diego, California

Within the United States, filming for the movie was carried out in a host of different places as the action jumps from one place to another. The movie took almost two years to film, as mentioned in the video attached above. The makers filmed at various Navy SEAL training sites to authentically capture settings such as a terrorist camp and a drug cartel base.

To begin with, the scene where Rorke and Dave spend some time with each other and their families was filmed on Imperial Beach in California. Within California, filming was also carried out in the city of San Diego. To be more specific, filming was undertaken in Bluefoot Bar and Lounge on 3404 30th Street. A house in the North Park area of the city was also utilized for filming purposes. Next, the Californian city of El Centro was also made use of for filming. Other places in California where filming was conducted are the San Clemente Island and Silurian Dry Lake in the Mojave Desert in California.

Outside California, filming was carried out in the city of Key West in Florida. Additionally, filming also took place in the John C. Stennis Space Center in Mississipi and Fort Campbell in Kentucky. A few scenes had also been filmed in Puerto Rico.


‘Act of Valor’ was also filmed in various places outside the United States. For instance, filming was carried out in Cambodia. To be more specific, filming was carried out in Phnom Penh and Kampot in Cambodia. A scene shot in Phnom Penh made use of as many as 150 kids as extras.

Apart from Cambodia, a few scenes had also been shot in the Mexican state of Baja California. To be more specific, filming was carried out in the state’s capital, Mexicali. Additionally, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Ukraine were also made use of for filming. Have a look at these behind-the-scenes photos:

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