Adele and Jovan: Is the Love Island Spain Couple Still Dating?

Discovering the prospect of love in a tropical paradise, numerous singles embark on a unique journey in ‘Love Island Spain.’ As a spin-off of the original series, the dating show also chronicles the highs and lows of relationships that the couples face enclosed in an exotic villa. With challenges that test their chemistry and connection at each turn, the singles have no choice but to traverse the rough waters in order to find a person with whom they can share their heart. Adele Noemi and Jovan Soto-Llorca are two individuals whose journey in the first season has enthralled fans. Given their heart-to-heart evocation on the show, fans have continued to wonder about their latest whereabouts.

Adele and Jovan’s Love Island Spain Journey

The youngest of the first five women to arrive on the island, 20-year-old Adele Noemi, was looking for someone she could connect emotionally with. Having had her share of ups and downs in past relationships, she had hoped to find someone who’d understand and respect her. Initially, the Milan-based single was coupled with Mario Moure as part of the first coupling. However, she failed to find common ground with the athlete. Not only this, Adele and Mario even struggled to be on the same page or find topics of conversation.

The television personality’s doubts were alleviated when Jovan Soto-Llorca entered the tropical villa on Day 5. Despite going on dates with Fiona as a new islander, he gravitated towards Adele from the get-go. Slowly, the couple set the pace for their relationship and began trusting each other as individuals. From finding affinity on several subjects to creating memories as a duo, Adele and Jovan’s relationship slowly blossomed into something serious. They entered into a relationship after Adele decided to couple with Jovan. The two were often embroiled in drama with other house members, too. Nevertheless, they didn’t let their bond wither. Even when Carla iterated that Jovan should have been voted out instead of Jesus, given Adele and Jovan’s nascent bond, the two did not relent.

Their connection progressed to the point that Adele and Jovan made a tearful evocation of their affection and love. In the end, their heartfelt relationship didn’t just win them a spot in the finals but also earned the encouragement of other couples in the house. Albeit losing the top spot and the cash prize, Adele and Jovan walked away from the house hand in hand, elated that they found each other.

Why Did Adele and Jovan Break Up?

After their appearance on the show, the couple initially decided to create new milestones together and even embark on new adventures as a duo. Beyond the cameras, the couple had planned to travel and get to know each other better. Besides sharing plans for the future, the duo often took to their Instagram to share moments of bliss with fans. However, the couple has been silent on the nature of their relationship as of late.

In addition to becoming absent from each other’s social media profiles, Adele and Jovan have stopped following each other, too. Given the last picture the duo posted of each other was in 2021, we are led to believe that Adele and Jovan have been venturing on different paths. Even though the individuals have since relocated to Sydney, they have not shared any pictures of their latest adventures or dates on social media. Naturally, an apparent absence from each other’s socials leads us to believe that Jovan and Adele are no longer together. While the couple has yet to deliver confirmation on their breakup, we continue to hope that they have remained in each other’s good books.

Besides this, Adele and Jovan have made milestones as professionals, too. Since their time on the show, the television personalities have earned a significant social media following and remain steadfast in their path to growth. Adele and Jovan are now working as online creators and continue to share life’s latest highlights with fans online.

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