8 Best Sex Comedies on Hulu (Jan 2024)

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Sex comedies are undoubtedly an escape route from the mundane daily routine. Perhaps it is the contrast between the presence of sex in our lives and in the movies that bring us to them. However, the topic remains as both a taboo and a necessity. No matter how much we want it, we can’t ask for it. Or can we? Let’s find out from these sex comedies on Hulu.

8. Three Ways (2022)

Directed by Jamal Dedeaux, this comedy follows Stacey (Andrea Lewis), who wants three things: get over her ex, regain control of her life, and have a threesome. Her partners include her new beau, Justin (Jerrel O’Neal), and his high school friend Lorraine (Brittany S. Hall). Stacey doesn’t know Lorraine, but does it really matter? They are all in it for a night. So, is there nothing that can go wrong? To find out, you can watch ‘Three Ways’ right here.

7. The Little Hours (2017)

This dark comedy follows a trio of emotionally unstable nuns, namely Alessandra (Alison Brie), Ginevra (Kate Micucci), and Fernanda (Aubrey Plaza), in 14th-century Garfagnana, Italy, who get involved in a game of lust and caution along with the new gardener Massetto (Dave Franco). Among secret relationships, fertility rituals, and love-making, ‘The Little Hours,’ directed by Jeff Baena, addresses sex during a time and in a surrounding when and where it was a taboo if not a sin. The rest of the cast of ‘The Little Hours’ includes John C. Reilly, Jeff Baena, Molly Shannon, and Nick Offerman. You can watch the movie here.

6. Plan B (2021)

Things go rather sideways for teenager Sunny (Kuhoo Verma), who ends up having sex with a guy who isn’t her crush, Hunter, whom she wanted to sleep with during the house party that she planned with her best friend Lupe (Victoria Moroles) without telling her mother. What’s worse is that there is a possibility of her getting pregnant, and now they have 24 hours to find a Plan B pill (aka Emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs) or morning-after pill) in their town in South Dakota. But are they old enough to be provided with one without a prescription? What follows is the girls hitting the road and their exploits as they search for a Plan B pill. You can watch the movie here.

5. Sex Appeal (2022)

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Directed by Talia Osteen, this movie follows nerd Avery Hansen-White (Mika Abdalla), who wants to master sexual excellence because her long-distance boyfriend is all set to take their relationship to the next level, sexually speaking. Keeping in mind she isn’t comfortable doing things she isn’t good at, Avery decides to create an app that would provide steps for a perfect sexual experience. But she needs a test subject, and she finds it in her oldest friend, Larson (Jake Short), who is shocked but agrees. What follows is an exploration and realization regarding sex, love, and relationships. Avery soon finds out that there are some things that cannot be measured but just felt, but this happens in a hilarious manner that is showcased in the best metaphors. You can watch this movie here.

4. How to Please a Woman (2022)

In simple terms, this movie is about a group of women who hire a group of men to fulfill the needs of women who feel sexually invisible. 50-year-old Gina Henderson (Sally Phillips), who has just lost her job, is encouraged by her friends to reach out to a struggling moving company and get its all-male crew to provide not only moving services but cleaning services along with sex. As surreal as it sounds, this one-of-a-kind business starts to boom as more and more women of Gina’s age reach out for the services. This allows Gina to reassess her own life, be it sexual, personal, or professional. You can watch this Renée Webster directorial here.

3. Sharp Stick (2022)

This sex comedy has been directed by Lena Dunham and centers on 26-year-old Sarah Jo (Kristine Froseth), who gets sexually involved with a married man named Josh (Jon Bernthal), who opens up a whole new world of lust for her. At the same time, she went into menopause at 17 due to the emergency removal of her uterus when she was 15. The scar that has remained on her works as a catalyst for Josh, who falls for her approach. As time passes, Sarah Jo gets to know more and more about her sexual self, which, in turn, brings about her sexual awakening. To be a part of her experience, you can watch the film here.

2. Sleeping with Other People (2015)

This Leslye Headland directorial brings together Lainey (Alison Brie) and Jake (Jason Sudeikis), both of whom have commitment issues, at a sex addicts meeting 12 years after they lost their virginity to each other. Soon, they become best friends, telling each other about their sexual problems. What follows is how their platonic relationship takes the shape of an attraction that neither is able to admit due to their pasts. Will they remain as friends forever despite their clear mutual attraction, or will there be more to their story? To find out how Lainey and Jake end up, you can watch ‘Sleeping with Other People’ here.

1. Good Luck to You, Leo Grande (2022)

Directed by Sophie Hyde, ‘Good Luck to You, Leo Grande’ stars Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormack. It follows retired widow Nancy Stokes (Thompson), who, due to her urge to explore her sexual desires, brings in a handsome sex worker named Leo Grande (McCormack). You may call it a sexual exploration, or you may call it a sexual reawakening, but the fact is that Nancy doesn’t really know what she wants or is looking for. It is up to Grande to find the “spots” while making sure that Nancy is comfortable in her own skin. Thompson received Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations for her performance. You can watch the movie here.

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