Are Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup From Below Deck Mediterranean Still Together?

‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ follows the crew of a superyacht during the charter season as they sail through the gorgeous Mediterranean region. With boat duties to look after and guests to serve, the crew often struggle to balance their professional and personal lives. Although the show is famous for its unadulterated drama and outrageous altercations, it has also birthed some extraordinary romances that have left fans surprised and awestruck.

Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup experienced an instant connection when they met aboard the Sirocco during the filming of season 4 of the spin-off of ‘Below Deck.’ The two wasted no time getting together and soon became a perfect example of couple goals for fans and their co-members alike. However, with cameras now turned away from the duo, are Aesha and Jack still together. Well, let’s find out!

Aesha and Jack’s Below Deck Mediterranean Journey

Second stewardess Aesha Scott and deckhand Jack Stirrup took a liking to each other on their very first meeting. Their connection was electric and chemistry imminent as they wasted no time in making their intentions clear. Their relationship got off to a speedy start, and the lovebirds seemed wholly invested in each other. They were even spotted spending their free moments together, and speculations about them being in it for the long run began doing the rounds.

Aesha and Jack loved showing off their affection, and the way they danced together further affirmed their compatibility. The two enjoyed paying attention to the minor details in their relationship, and Jack even wrote beautiful poems for his lady love. The couple was so sure of their commitment that they even decided to move in together while still on the yacht. Additionally, with the season drawing to a close, Aesha and Jack were unwilling to let each other go and even made future plans together.

Are Aesha and Jack Still Together?

Unfortunately, Aesha and Jack’s fairytale love story had to come to an end as the couple is no longer together. Although the two seemed very much in love while on the show, things drastically changed after the filming concluded. According to sources, after Jack’s return to the United Kingdom, he rekindled his relationship with his ex, Kelly Hidge, and broke up with Aesha. However, Aesha alleged that Jack cheated on her and made up with his ex behind her back. Still, Aesha wanted to give Jack a chance to apologize, which was subsequently set up by their mutual friend, Travis Michalzik.

Image Credit: Kelly Hidge/Instagram

Since then, Aesha and Jack decided to bury the hatchet and close their chapter forever. Following their break up, Jack became a father when he and Hidge welcomed their son, Phoenix Sidney Hidge Stirrup, in April 2020. However, since then, they have stayed under the radar and preferred privacy when it comes to their personal lives. There has been no recent report on Jack and Hidge’s relationship. Additionally, his social media profiles remain private, while Hidge’s does not feature a single picture of them together. Thus, it is quite unclear if the two are still together.

On the other hand, Aesha Scott moved on to happier times and found solace in the arms of Scotty Dobbo. The two made their relationship official in July 2020 and have since posted numerous pictures on social media. It is lovely to see them still together, and we hope they remain happy in the near future.

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