Review: After Life Season 2 Episode 3


If the previous season of ‘After Life’ had been about finding reasons for Tony to be alive, this season is about why staying alive was the right choice for him. The tables have turned, and we see that while he had needed others before, even if he wasn’t so keen at accepting it most of the time, they need him now.

Matt’s marriage has fallen apart. His son wonders if his parents will love him anymore, and Matt wonders if anything else will make him feel better. The contrast is also presented through their wedding videos, which Tony watches to remember his time with Lisa. Then there is Sandy, becoming increasingly dejected about the turn that her life has taken, or the one it is not taking. When another crisis knocks on the door, will Tony save the day?

After Life Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

It is Sandy’s birthday, but she doesn’t seem too happy about it. It is the beginning of her 30s, and it feels like nothing is really going on for her. Tony tries to cheer her up, but the conversation turns back to Lisa when Sandy apologizes for having asked Tony to be happy. A minor argument ensues with Kath about horoscopes and how far they predict the future of a person. Pat visits Tony to ask about how it went with Roxy, but him having breakfast right outside his door doesn’t make Tony happy.

While covering the story of a woman who claims she can talk to cats makes Tony think about the deaths in her family and how she wants to remember her loved ones. A visit from the owner of the building and the Gazette worries Matt. To cheer up Sandy, Tony takes the responsibility of saving the paper, even though he doesn’t really care about losing the job anymore. He also goes out with Matt, whose psychiatrist had advised him to “bang a beaver”, but the night out is cut short when Emma shows up with Simon. Pat and Roxy go on their first date.

After Life Season 2 Episode 3 Review

After familiarising us with everyone’s situation, the third episode of ‘After Life’ takes a step towards inducing more conflict in the story from all ends. Tony is trying to get better but feels bad about Emma’s increasing friendship with Simon, who is a fake-kind-and-nice type of person. He had always enjoyed his chats with her, but before this, there had never been a threat from anywhere. He didn’t have to worry about Emma going away somewhere.

With the introduction of another suitor, a love triangle emerges in the story and makes it somewhat more high stakes for Tony. Will he finally move on from his pain and accept the happiness that is in front of him now, or will he continue to wallow in alcohol and become a hindrance to his own well-being? By the end of the season, we will, for sure, get an answer to this question, but looking forward to it adds some excitement to the story.

Another problem that surfaces, though not really for Tony, is that the paper might be closing down. Though it is a small community, it is important for Tony, even if he might not acknowledge it so easily. These people stood by him in his difficult times, and now, it looks like it’s his turn to do some good on his part. He also feels obligated towards it because of Sandy.

Her birthday would have been another dull affair, had it not been for the cake fight that lasted a few seconds. The threat of losing the job that she loves makes her cry and explains the situation at home, which we haven’t got to see a lot of. Will The Tambury Gazette make it out of this crisis, or will they all have to look for other options? How will this affect Tony?

The episode doesn’t end on a bad note for everyone, though. Pat and Roxy’s date goes surprisingly well, and it looks like they might be a good match, after all. George, too, tries to see the brighter side of his parents’ divorce. At least, he can get whatever he wants now if he plays his cards right.

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