AJ Lee: What Happened to the WWE Star? Where is She Now?

AJ Lee, born April Mendez, will always be remembered as a powerhouse of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). With her feisty character, impeccable in-ring prowess, and the unforgettable crazy gimmick, AJ made her mark as one of the most prominent female wrestlers during her tenure in WWE. Amidst the chaos of storylines and high-octane matches, AJ’s character stood out and carved a unique space in WWE’s Divas era. However, with her sudden departure from the WWE, many were left wondering why the feisty diva departed from WWE.

Why Did AJ Lee Leave WWE?

As AJ Lee’s tenure with WWE was drawing to a close, there were underlying complexities behind her departure. Fans were oblivious to the fact that WrestleMania 31 would soon become one of her last hurrahs in the WWE arena. As she and Paige celebrated their victory over The Bella Twins, the curtains were slowly drawing on AJ’s WWE journey. One palpable reason for her exit was the relentless physical toll wrestling had taken on her body. With numerous injuries, including three herniated discs in her cervical spine, AJ’s body was sounding alarm bells.

Yet, the pivotal trigger was deeply personal. AJ’s husband, CM Punk, was embroiled in a bitter feud with WWE. Matters reached a crescendo when, on their wedding day, a day meant for joy and celebration, Punk was handed his contract termination papers by WWE. This act left an indelible mark on their personal lives. For AJ, this meant that her wedding memories would forever be entwined with this heart-wrenching episode. Navigating this emotional minefield, combined with Punk’s lawsuit against WWE’s doctor, Chris Amann, over allegations of medical negligence, made AJ’s continued association with the company untenable.

Where is AJ Lee Now?

After WWE, AJ Lee embarked on a multifaceted journey. Her memoir, ‘Crazy Is My Superpower,’ detailed her tumultuous life and struggles, garnering acclaim and appreciation. This flair for writing led her to co-write the screenplay for the Netflix film ‘Blade of the 47 Ronin’ alongside John Swetman for Netflix. On the acting front, AJ marked her debut in the 2019 film ‘Rabid,’ portraying the character Kira. She further showcased her acting chops as Elle Dorado in the TV series ‘Heels’ and amused fans in ‘The Madden 16’ as the Triple Agent. She is set to star in Michael Angarano’s forthcoming movie ‘Sacramento,’ sharing the screen with luminaries like Kristen Stewart and Michael Cera.

But wrestling wasn’t entirely in her rearview. In 2021, she joined Women of Wrestling (WOW) as an executive producer and commentator, enriching the broadcasts with her seasoned insights. It has since been reported that her contract with WOW is ending soon, but whether it has been renewed or not is unclear at the moment. Recent appearances reveal a more muscular AJ, hinting at her continued dedication to fitness and evolving roles in entertainment. Currently, she lives in Union City, New Jersey, with her husband CM Punk.

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