Alain Marecaux: The Outreau Case Suspect is Now Living a Private Life

Among the various individuals talked about in Netflix’s ‘The Outreau Case,’ Alain Marecaux stands out for various reasons. Due to his influence in the community, his alleged involvement in a case of pedophilia took many people aback. The impact of the accusation changed both his personal and professional image, especially when an investigation into his own home led to revelations that even those close to him had a hard time believing.

Alain Marecaux’s Arrest and Further Revelations Shocked Everyone

The arrest of Alain Marecaux in the Outreau case was staggering to many, even those who were involved in the affair in a legal capacity. Fabienne Roy-Nansion, who had been working as the defense lawyer for David Delplanque, was shocked as she knew Alain on a personal level. The two had studied law together at Lille University before Alain went on to become a court bailiff while Fabienne chose the path of advocacy.

When the Outreau case became public, Alain and his then-wife, Odile Polveche, had been living in a manor in Boulogne, France. Odile was a school nurse, and she starred in the Netflix series to talk about how she and her husband had a life she thought was going well. However, things changed when, on November 14, 2001, Alain and Odile were arrested on the charges of sexual abuse of minors. For their arrest, examining magistrate Fabrice Buragud had been present as required by the French law.

It was Hubert Delarue who represented Alain, and he shared his own recollection in the Netflix documentary. According to Delarue, Alain had not even been able to properly recall who Myriam Badaoui was, even though the latter had accused him of having sexual relations with her and her husband, Thierry Delay. It was also Myriam who had accused Alain of abusing Myriam’s sons. However, Buragud claimed that the investigators had apparently found documents in Alain’s home revealing that he had gone to Myriam and her family’s home, given their excessive debt.

Given the connection that had now been established between the Delay family and Alain, he and his Odile had to go through a lengthy legal process while trying to prove their innocence. However, after Alain’s children had been interviewed, many, including Odile, were shocked when their youngest child, a son named François-Xavier Marécaux, stated that his father might have touched him sexually when Odile was not in the house.

Alain claimed that he did play games with his son, but it had never been meant in a sexual manner. The accusations levied against Alain by his own son made his case even weaker, even though he continued to claim innocence. However, things changed as the trial for the Outreau case finally began. Though Alain was convicted during the first trial, he and several of his fellow convicts appealed the case. During the second round, Myriam ended up telling the world that none of the six who appealed their convictions were actually responsible. Ultimately, Alain was acquitted on December 1, 2005, pertaining to the Outreau case.

Where is Alain Marecaux Now?

Following his acquittal, Alain Marecaux became determined to share his side of the story with the world. His book, ‘Chronique de Mon Erreur Judiciaire: Victime De L’affaire D’outreau,’ was first published on May 2, 2005, and became a way in which he told the world how his life was changed by the accusations levied against him. In the case of sexual misconduct, where he was accused of touching his son François-Xavier Marécaux, Alain had received a suspended eighteen-month sentence in 2004.

Based on Alain’s book, Vincent Garenq released a film titled ‘Présumé Coupable,’ AKA ‘Guilty,’ in 2011, with Alain himself contributing to the movie’s writing. He has since shared that his relationship with his three children has become better, though they chose to remain with their mother, Odile Polveche after the couple had decided to divorce. As for his legal career, Alain continues to work as a bailiff, now based in Calais, France.

Though Alain received compensation worth €250,000, he has expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that the magistrates responsible for the judicial errors in this case did not receive their due punishment. In 2011, he revealed that he was happy building a life of his own and has gained a new perspective regarding the cases he deals with every day. However, he also remained firm on the fact that, after November 14, 2001, he would not speak more about the Outreau case with the public. The date marked the tenth anniversary of his arrest, and Alain stated that he felt that it was time for him to move on from the limelight regarding the case that changed his life so dramatically.

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