Are Alan and Kirlyam From 90 Day Fiance Still Together?

It is amusing to think about how a single moment can change your entire life. Some stories make us believe that matches are made in heaven and finding true love is all about destiny. While it may seem a bit strange to some, but ‘90 Days Fiance’ became a divine way for many to marry their soulmate. Such was the case with Alan and Kirlyam, who featured on the show’s very first season. Their fairytale love story had us pining for them with a smile on our faces and tears in our eyes.

Alan and Kirlyam: 90 Day Fiance Journey

When a small 11-year- old Kirlyam first met the 20-year-old Alan in church, they never thought how significant they would become in each other’s life. A few years back, Alan, who belonged to California, went to Brazil on a Mormon mission. During his service, he befriended Kirlyam’s family, who invited him to dinner. For Alan, Kirlyam was just a child, and for her, Alan was just a guest. They could have never imagined where life would take them a few years from then.

Fast forward nine years, Alan traveled to Brazil yet again for a friend’s wedding. He came across Kirlyam’s family at the ceremony and they reconnected. But now, things were different. The 20-year-old Kirlyam couldn’t keep her eyes off Alan, and he couldn’t believe what a lovely woman she had grown into. Sparks flew and the couple instantly hit it off. They spent time together and fell in love.

Soon after, Alan proposed to Kirlyam and she applied for a K-1 visa to be with him. There, the Brazilian beauty tried to pursue a career in modeling but had to quit due to Alan’s jealousy. Kirlyam’s laid-back personality and charming aura attracted a lot of male attention, which Alan wasn’t comfortable with.

Shortly after, Alan and Kirlyam tied the knot in a Mormon temple. Kirlyam’s family was unable to attend, but they watched the ceremony through live video chat. Both the families were extremely happy about the union and supported them in every endeavor. They later vacationed in Hawaii for their honeymoon.

Everything turned out to be great for the couple except one thing. Some followers spread nasty rumors that the couple was romantically involved since the time Kirlyam was a child. This enraged the couple and they denied all such rubbish claims. They created a special youtube channel and posted a video wherein they cleared things out about their relationship history. They denied all allegations and shared that they only started dating when Kirlyam turned 21 years old. They asked their followers to send them queries if they had any doubts and not fall prey to rumors.

Are Alan and Kirlyam Still Together?

Yes! The lovely couple is still together and happily married. In 2017, they welcomed their baby boy, Liam, into the family. Kirlyam and Alan keep their Instagram accounts updated with family pictures and all the latest happenings in their life. Kirlyam also does paid promotions for various products and local fashion boutiques on her page.

Alan used to be a project manager, photographer, and designer for an engineering company. But, he had shared with the media that he was unhappy with his work and looking for a change. A few months back, he quit his job and moved in with his parents to Utah. He expressed how happy he was with his break and to see Liam bond with his grandparents.

Alan then got a job in North Carolina and relocated there. He also applied and got permanent residency in Brazil. He told his followers that he might move to Brazil in the future and explore the work opportunities there. He also wants Liam to connect with his Brazilian heritage and bond with Kirlyam’s family.

Alan and Kirlyam had also featured on the show’s spin-off series ’90 Days Fiance: What Now?’Reports suggest that the couple will also be seen on the new spin-off series ’90 Days Fiance: Self-Quarantined’ that is scheduled to air on April 20.

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