Are Paul and Karine From ’90 Day Fiancé’ Still Together?

TLC’ superhit reality series ’90 Day Fiance’ has churned out seven seasons since its debut. We have seen many couples come and go on this show, but there are a few who stand out and remain memorable forever. Paul and Karine are one such couple. But they are not remembered so much for their love as they are for their drama and fights. Featuring first on season 1 and 2 of ’90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days’ and then on ’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’, the couple has become a treasured cast of the show.

Paul and Karine: 90 Day Fiance Journey

A 34-year-old Paul from Kentucky first met the Brazilian Karine online. Their constant communication had got Paul hooked, intrigued, and charmed by Karine. He traveled to Brazil to meet her, and as soon as he saw her, sparks flew. They hit it off instantly and got married shortly after in November 2017.

Even though the couple had to use a translation app for communication in their first half of the relationship, their real challenges began after the wedding. Within a few weeks of their marriage, Karine got pregnant. But before they could even celebrate the happy news, Karine suffered a tragic miscarriage. Sometime later, she conceived again, but unfortunately, she suffered the same ordeal.

When asked about the same, Paul confessed that these stressful times had brought them closer instead of driving them apart. He said that they kept their differences aside and became each other’s strengths. Luckily, Karine got pregnant a third time, and finally, their baby boy, Pierre, was born in March 2019.

Paul and Karine were happy, excited, and nervous, all at the same time. They couldn’t wait to celebrate their little bundle of joy. But all that changed when Paul accused Karine of cheating and told her that he’d take a paternity test. The revelation was made on television and that reduced Karine to tears.

Not only this, but apparently, the couple wasn’t sure about their residency status for a long time. Paul couldn’t afford Karine’s K-1 visa and his mom refused to become a co-sponsor. So, he moved to Brazil to be with his family. But he ran into trouble with the government that denied him Permanent Residency due to his criminal background. Paul had been charged for arson and insurance fraud in the past. He had also violated a restraining order that was ordered by his ex-girlfriend against him. But, the couple managed to fix their situation, and now they have relocated back to the USA. Paul had taken to social media to share with his fans that his house in Brazil had got robbed, and it wasn’t safe to raise Pierre there.

On the show, Paul had seemed to struggle with anger management. Even after their marriage, Paul had experienced temper issues and mismanaged conflicts. He had accused Karine of cheating on him as he had caught her talking to many men online. Things got worse when she admitted to the fact that a man she met online was indeed sending her money.

In November 2019, Paul and Karine made headlines due to their nasty fight. Paul impulsively confirmed to the media that Karina had eloped with another man, and he has now decided to divorce her. When Karine was approached for a comment on the split, she denied all allegations and said that she is not comfortable sharing her personal life on social media. Paul went as far as to share his divorce proceedings online. It seems like he changed his mind as those posts have now been deleted.

Are Paul and Karine Still Together?

Yes! They are still together. It wasn’t the first time that the couple had threatened to divorce each other. They have been guilty of repeatedly accusing each other of cheating, lying, and manipulation. But, it seems like they have finally worked things out and are raising their baby together in Kentucky.

They recently celebrated Pierre’s first birthday. Karine had reportedly treated herself to a salon-day, wherein she got her hair styled. Rumors suggest that Karine underwent cosmetic treatment in 2019 and got eyebrow microblading done. Paul’s mother has also formed a great bond with Pierre, and she once said that the baby boy is the ‘prince of two countries’.

TLC had approached the couple for their new spin-off ’90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined’, but they refused to star in it. Paul confirmed the news and shared it with his followers online. He said that they have been working on a self-produced project which they will be publishing soon.

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