Are Angela and Michael From ’90 Day Fiancé’ Still Together?

The journey of ‘90 Day Fiance’ isn’t something that every couple can go on. It takes a substantial amount of courage to take a risk and push the boundaries for your love. In the past, the process had taken a toll on even the toughest and strongest of the couples. Michael and Angela from season 7 were no exception to it. The couple had featured on season 1 and 2 of the show’s spin-off prequel ’90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days’. The spin-off focuses on the couple’s dating and courtship period and their initial meetings when the relationship is still new and fresh. After their success on the prequel, their journey on the main show was nothing short of a rollercoaster ride.

Angela and Michael: 90 Day Fiance Journey

Belonging to Georgia, a 53-year-old Angela, who is a grandmother to six children, suddenly received a friend request on Facebook one day. It was from none other than the 31-year-old Michael, who was living in Nigeria. Even though they did not have any mutual friends, Angela accepted the stranger’s request, and they started conversing. She was a bit hesitant and cautious at first, but Michael’s confidence kept reeling her back in. Soon enough, they were talking day and night and fell in love with each other.

Angela made several trips to Nigeria to meet Michael in person. After a few visits, she realized that he was the man she intended to marry. Navigating through the contrast of cultural differences, Angela set out to test Michael as a potential husband. Although she experienced trust issues with him regarding his whereabouts and social media posts, things smoothed out eventually.

Angela and Michael got into many heated arguments during their courtship. Most of them were concerned with lying, finances, and Angela’s fertility. One time, Angela accused Michael of stealing money from her bank account. She was later informed that it was a bank error and her money was refunded. She apologized and sorted things out with Michael.

Not only this, when she found out that Michael had told his friends to respect Angela as she was almost twenty years older than them, she got offended and stormed off. Michael followed her and even tried to cheer her up with a cake but she just ended up smashing it in his face.

Michael’s family, too, had doubts about Angela’s fertility due to her age. They initially resisted a little but later gave in and accepted her. Angela decided not to reveal the fact that she cannot bear children anymore. She thought of asking her daughter to be her egg donor but she refused. Michael comforted Angela and assured her that they wouldn’t give up.

Michael’s family threw the couple a lovely engagement party in Nigeria itself. But, their happy moments were short-lived. Soon, they heard the worrisome news that Michael’s K-1 visa got denied. No reason was specified. They thought of making an appeal, but they knew the odds wouldn’t be in their favor. This news took a toll on their relationship. While Michael’s family was stressed and pressurized Angela to get married in Nigeria, she had her own doubts as she wanted her friends and family to be a part of the wedding too.

Are Michael and Angela Still Together?

Yes! Angela eventually gave in and made a compromise. She realized that there was no other option but to tie the knot in Nigeria. The couple got married on January 27 and held a traditional Nigerian wedding ceremony as well. Angela posted the ceremony’s video on her Instagram account, wherein she confessed to stepping out of her comfort zone to abide by Nigeria’s traditional rituals. She said she did it out of love and for Michael’s happiness.

Shortly after, Michael’s mother passed away. The sad news hit the couple within a few weeks of their marriage, but they told the media that they are staying strong. They also shared that they are glad that Michael’s mother could be a part of their wedding.

In a recent interview, the newly-weds revealed that they were enjoying their intimate honeymoon period. Michael is now planning to apply for a K-3 spousal visa to enter the US. Rumors suggest that they may feature in the future seasons of the spin-off ‘90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’.

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