Alan Takahashi: Where is The Boyfriend Cast Member Now?

Since being a part of the LGBTQ+ community is sadly no easy thing for a multitude of reasons, it is heartening to see the cast of Netflix’s The Boyfriend’ embrace their true selves globally. Amongst them is actually none other than Alan Takahashi, whose stint in this groundbreaking reality production made it evident that sometimes first impressions can be utterly inaccurate. After all, while he initially came across as rather superficial and over the top, the truth is he’s not only proud of who he is but also has debts many don’t even get to experience, let alone comprehend.

Alan Takahashi Impressed Everyone With His Charm

Although it wasn’t until episode 3 of this first-ever same-sex Japanese series that Alan made his debut by stepping into the oceanside cottage called Green Room, he immediately fit in with the others. The fact he already knew fellow participants Usak Nagoya as well as Dai Nakai definitely helped him, but his extroverted-ness plus optimism are what made everyone else feel comfortable. His not shying away from his heritage, usual type, past experiences, and blooming feelings towards Kazuto also made it evident he’d dived head first into this journey for all the right reasons.

Alan even went as far as to concede that having a boyfriend is a big deal to him because he wants to settle down one day, yet he has struggled with being in relationships due to “old, limiting patterns.” That’s why he consciously chose to partake in this original, hoping it would enable him to let go of his walls and be more open to some new feelings he might have never had before, which it certainly did.

Alan Takahashi is a Traveler With Allure and Intelligence

According to Alan’s own accounts, his full-time profession is actually in the Information Technology (IT) industry — he’s apparently an employee for one such well-known company in Japan. However, that’s not all he does; this unwavering travel enthusiast also seems to be a rising social media personality, dedicated fashion model, former barista at Ralph’s Coffee Shop, entrepreneur, plus event organizer.

From what we can tell, Alan has been dabbling in these ventures since at least 2020, all the while doing his best to make the most of his late 20s by exploring different parts of the nation he calls home. These include the Kusasenri Observatory in Aso, Aoshima Beach Village in Miyazaki, Onna in Okinawa, the Enoura Observatory in Odawara, Gero Onsen, Ogawa Falls in Minamiōsumi, Utsumi Beach in Minamichita, the island of Miyako-Jima, Mt. Fuji, and the Kumano Kodō pilgrimage routes, amongst much more. The Tokyo resident has also been to South Korea as well as Thailand, with Brazil being on his bucket list.

Alan Takahashi Adores His Family and is Proud of His Roots

Although Alan is admittedly part Brazilian, part Japanese, and part Italian, he resides in the Land of the Rising Sun but is heavily influenced by the culture of the former nation in his daily lifestyle. That’s because while his father is half-Brazilian and half-Italian, his mother is half-Brazilian and half-Japanese, so he was born in the Land of Parrots alongside his loving younger sister before they decided to relocate to Japan for good when he was around 2. However, the one thing that has ostensibly never changed since this now-reality star’s childhood is the fact they remain a tight-knight as well as an unwaveringly supportive group to this very day.

It genuinely appears as if Alan’s loved ones only care about his happiness more than anything else, which, in turn, enables him to be a good son, brother, and uncle, all the while accomplishing his dreams. Yet, he does seem to have a special spot in his heart for his mother, whom he doesn’t shy away from publicly appreciating at every possible turn, whether it be on her birthday, Mother’s Day, or just because. He once even penned for her, in part, “My family went through a lot of things that I can’t explain here, but there were a lot of hard times and lonely times, but I’m happy that I was able to experience them all as my mother’s son and my sister’s older brother☀️ Thank you mom for giving birth to me! Happy Mother’s Day… I love you, mom 🌹”

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