Alene and Simon: Is the MAFS Australia Couple Still Together?

The Australian television reality series ‘Married at First Sight,’ is adapted from the Danish series ‘Gift Ved Første Blik.’ The show has an intriguing format wherein a team of experts conducts a social experiment by bringing two strangers into a bond of marriage. Season 4 saw the then-37-year-old Simon McQuillan and the then-31-year-old Alene Khatcherian come together in holy matrimony.

The couple seemed perfectly imperfect for each other and had viewers highly invested in their romance right through the season. However, it has been some time since the show ended, and fans can’t help but wonder whether their favorite couple managed to stand the test of time. So, what is the current relationship status of Simon and Alene? Let’s find out.

Alene and Simon’s Bond Looked Promising From the Get Go

Sydney-based nurse Alene and Ipswich-based truck parts manufacturer Simon were first introduced on the show. Even though there seemed to be initial hiccups, the pair seemed perfect from the get-go. Alene and Simon were one among the two couples of the season, to make it right till the end. Despite distance being a matter of concern, they decided to try their best to make the relationship work. Simon’s down-to-earth demeanor and Alene’s charming personality had everyone believing that they were meant to be.

Charming country boy Simon was left mesmerised by his gorgeous bride Alene when the two met at the altar. However, he wasn’t quite what she had expected. But, he managed to win her over with his dance, which he’d exhibited on their honeymoon too. Simon was so bowled over by Alene that he didn’t mind cutting his precious hair to suit Alene’s taste. So, when he did walk in a crisp suit and well-combed slick hair Alene was left completely stumped, suggesting she loved what was in front of her.

The homestays were a trying time for the couple as Simon found it difficult to open up emotionally to Alene. However, in the commitment ceremony, at the urging of the experts, an emotional Simon shared that he was finding it extremely difficult to return home after the recent passing of his father. The couple’s final romantic outing before their vow renewals showed that they were quite serious about each other, though neither wanted to be the first to say it out loud.

Alene and Simon Continue to Remain Good Friends

Though in love and wanting to make it work, Alene and Simon, were forced to have a conversation surrounding their future within a few months of the show’s wrap-up. They decided to go their separate ways in May 2017, two months after the season finale. In a joint statement to The Fix, the pair stated, “It was a difficult decision, but we have decided to part ways.” In conversation with OK! Magazine, Alene shared, “Besides the distance, the different lifestyles and what he wants to do with his life and what kind of future he wants for himself, there was a huge difference there in the goals.” While they tried their best to divide their time between Sydney and Ipswich, it was starting to take a toll on them.

The perfect pair eventually acknowledged that they had reached a stage where, in pursuit of trying to make their relationship last, one of them would eventually get hurt. According to NW Magazine, the couple were seen with each other at the Ipswich Cup in Queensland in June 2017 and allegedly sparked the possibility of a much-awaited reunion but they made it clear that they didn’t have any intentions of reuniting.

However, despite choosing against being together, the former couple decided to continue being friends and stay a part of each other’s lives. They also shut down the chances of a reunion and added, “Our relationship is all in the past. And now that we’ve had the break from each other, we’ve both realized and understand that it would have been really hard for it to work.” While Alene was left heartbroken from the split, she eventually moved on and decided to embrace the single life. The petite nurse from Sydney prefers maintaining a low profile. Despite having a social media presence, she’s kept her life under wraps, and it isn’t known whether she is currently dating someone or is single.

Simon, on the other hand, decided to focus on his business, Atlas Balance Company and embarked on a journey of self-discovery by snowboarding throughout the world. He opened up about his struggles with epilepsy and how it had affected his confidence through the years before he decided to work on himself. He’s quite active on social media and keeps sharing snippets from his life with his fans. Like Alene, Simon too has preferred to keep his personal life guarded and away from the public eye. However, being fans of one of the most loved couples in Australia’s ‘Married at First Sight,’ we are happy to see them doing well in their lives and continue to wish them the best for what lies ahead.

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