Alex and Sibrena Geraldino’s NJ Soccer From I Quit: Everything We Know

‘I Quit’ is Discovery Channel’s new reality TV show that will focus on six entrepreneurs who have quit the regular 9-5 grind in pursuit of their lifelong dreams. The show will also feature three industry giants as mentors who will provide expert advice while the budding entrepreneurs try to navigate the challenges of owning a start-up. The mentors are Shopify COO Harley Finkelstein, WP Narrative_ CEO Tricia Clarke-Stone, and GoldieBlox Founder & CEO Debbie Sterling.

Among the new business owners featured in the first season of ‘I Quit’ are New Jersey’s Alex Geraldino and Sibrena Stowe-Geraldino. This husband and wife duo quit their day jobs and invested all their savings to achieve their ultimate dream of owning a sports team. Here’s all we know about them.

Who Are Alex and Sibrena?

Alexsi (better known as Alex) Geraldino is a federal government procurement officer and a USA Boxing referee. He is also a former cornerback with Pro NFL’s European Division. Alex also works as a sports agent. Most importantly, he is the president and general manager of the New Jersey Teamsters Football Club.

Sibrena Stowe-Geraldino, his wife, is a veteran publicist in the media and entertainment industry and has handled PR for numerous well-known singers, rappers, and other high profile individuals. She used to be the proprietor of her own media firm in New York City until March 2020, which is when she chose to quit PR and media in favor of soccer and became the first-ever African-American woman to own a soccer team in the United States. Sibrena is the CEO of the New Jersey Teamsters Football Club. Their team is based out of Bayonne, New Jersey and plays home matches at Don Ahern Veterans Stadium.

NJ Soccer Update

Apparently, Alex used up most of his life’s savings to buy the semi-pro soccer team in 2017 and he did that without even telling his wife at first! ‘I Quit’ covers their challenges and learnings as a start-up, and some disagreements along the way. But Sibrena ultimately chooses to give her whole-hearted support to their shared dream, even switching careers to become the team’s CEO.

In early 2020, the team went pro but they couldn’t hold tryouts till August as the football season went on a hiatus due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The NJ Teamsters are due to start playing pro league in the tier three National Independent Soccer Association when football season resumes next spring.

The couple has hired Jersey City native Javier Romero as head coach and they hope to commence training camp in September once the players are selected. Alex has reportedly claimed that they have had to sort through hundreds of applicants from college and semi-pro levels aiming to participate in tryouts. Alex and Sibrena’s vision is to create a team that is culturally diverse and promotes inclusivity, aside from having the obvious goal of achieving excellence in sports and finding national and international recognition in soccer.

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