Are Alexia Umansky and Jake Zingerman Still Together?

Image Credit: Jake Zingerman/Instagram

Netflix’s ‘Buying Beverly Hills‘ allows viewers to really get to know various real estate agents working for The Agency. Among them, Alexia Umansky has stood thanks to her determination to prove herself and her being the daughter of Mauricio Umansky, the CEO of the Agency. As such, when it was revealed to the world that she was dating Jake Zingerman, many viewers felt quite delighted.

Alexia Umansky and Jake Zingerman’s Friendship Turned Into a Romance

The relationship between Alexia Umansky and Jake Zingerman is one that the former was quite excited to share with the world during her time on the Netflix show. The real estate agent shared that she and Jake have been best friends since they were in third grade. Hence, when the happy friendship turned into a loving relationship, they could not be more happy. Due to his long-time connection with Alexia, Jake seemed very comfortable with other members of the Umansky family, including his girlfriend’s father, Mauricio Umansky.

In fact, Alexia talked about in the second season of the series that Jake lived so much at the Umansky house that he was almost family. As such, Jake was not only seen being included in a sweet good night ritual by other Umaskys, but his easy camaraderie with others certainly seemed like a good sign to many. Though Jake did not appear much in the first season of the series, his increased presence in the second season did allow him to establish his own image with the world, with many adoring the connection between Alexia and him.

Given the frankly long time for which Alexia and Jake have known each other, their presence in each other’s lives seems to always have been in contact. However, it seems like the two may have started dating sometime in May 2020, with Alexia herself first posting the picture of just them two on Instagram in May 2021. Despite the recent troubles in the marriage between Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards, ALexia has often expressed admiration in regard to how her parents bond and likely hopes to find something similar with Jake.

Alexia Umansky and Jake Zingerman are in a Happy Relationship

As of writing, Alexia Umansky and Jake Zongerman are still in a relationship. The couple has easily captured the attention of the world, with many adoring the type of connection that the two seem to have. From going outdoors for adventurous activities to indulging in calming vacation vibes, both of them are ready for any sort of activity when they are by each other’s side. The two have often gained the best wishes from their friends, with many wishing them the best for their future together.

Alexia and Jake themselves have never been shy about how they feel for each other. “Happy Birthday, Sweetheart. I love you more than you know. You light up my entire world. It’s going to be the best year yet with so much in store for you, I know it. Cheers to 27 and everything to come with it,” Jake shared on Instagram while celebrating Alexia’s 27th birthday in June 2023. In fact, he seems to have made it a yearly ritual to express his love and adoration for his partner on her birthday.

While Alexia and Jake do not live together, they do spend a lot of time together. In the Netflix series, the former clarified that she still lived in her parent’s house, but Jake often spent his time there. As such, the couple often indulges in domestic banters and enjoys a cozy movie night. While Alexia’s family members might often join them during this, it did not seem like either Alexia or Jake minded it very much, with the latter even seeming welcoming of it all.

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