Alicia Jenkins: The Botched Star is Now an Entrepreneur

Image Credit: Hayu/YouTube

Plastic surgery is fraught with substantial risks, and the potential for it to go awry is considerable. Conversely, plastic surgery holds the potential to profoundly alter and enhance people’s lives. It enables individuals to attain a better sense of self-identity, increased comfort within their bodies, and the freedom to live life on their terms. These very principles serve as the foundation for ‘Botched,’ a reality TV series in which Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif specialize in rectifying and improving botched plastic surgeries, helping patients achieve the results they desire. After making her debut on the show’s inaugural episode on June 24, 2014, Alicia Jenkins saw a lot of ups and downs in her journey. Since then, her life has seen remarkable changes.

Alicia Jenkins’ Botched Journey

When Alicia Jenkins began breastfeeding her son, she experienced a significant change in her breasts. Her right breast reduced from a size D to a size B, making it challenging to find well-fitting clothing. Even wearing a bra became problematic, as she had to use padding on one side. Frustrated with this situation, Alicia decided to undergo breast surgery. However, the actual size of her implants did not align with her preferences, and she noticed her left implant shifting within just 24 hours after the surgery.

Despite her concerns, Alicia initially trusted her doctor, who assured her that everything would resolve with the help of a compression band. It wasn’t until four months later that she realized she had developed Symmastia, a condition characterized by the absence of cleavage between the two breasts. Alicia reached out to a specialist in Symmastia correction, but the cost of the necessary corrective surgery was estimated at around $20,000, which was beyond her means. It was during this time that she came across casting posts for the TV series ‘Botched’ and decided to take a chance.

Alicia participated in an on-camera interview, and after a few months, she received a call from Dr. Terry Dubrow’s office. They inquired about her medical history and other details to assess whether she could be a candidate for the series. Her initial interaction with both doctors occurred on camera, during which they informed her that the corrective process might be challenging and could involve not just one but two surgeries. She faced the challenge of balancing her household and business responsibilities, and the unexpected three-month hospital stay and medical care were not something she had prepared for. Nevertheless, with the unwavering support of her husband, she persevered.

Alicia’s initial surgery took place in December 2013, followed by a second surgery in January 2014. The journey was far from easy, as she experienced intense pain, numerous appointments, and consultations with the doctor between the surgeries. In addition, she was being filmed and had to cope with migraines. Despite these difficulties, the positive results of her efforts became apparent during the final filming in March 2014, and she was delighted with the transformation of her body.

Where is Alicia Jenkins Now?

Alicia’s healing process required an extended stay under Dr. Terry Dubrow’s care, primarily due to her autoimmune issues. Reflecting on her journey, she expressed, “I was so confident after filming. I looked amazing, and the health issues weren’t 1/100th of what they are now.” Her time on the show was notably successful, and it significantly boosted her business. Previously the owner and designer of a bikini and custom clothing brand called Dirt Dames, she has since expanded into the textile business. Her new venture, Valhalla Textiles, is also experiencing substantial growth. Currently, she also dabbles in the tattoo industry. In 2019, her fans got to see her on TV again when she appeared in the second season of Netflix’s ‘Haunted’.

Despite her disheartening experiences and the challenges she faced, Alicia is considering taking legal action against her initial doctor. She finds solace in the fact that she had the opportunity to share her story with other women who have endured similar ordeals. Alicia received numerous emails and messages from these women and extended her support and solidarity to them. She believes that sharing her experience through the series allowed her to shed light on the importance of her story and raise awareness about Symmastia, making her feel proud of the impact she’s had. Alicia is thriving and, with the love and support of her husband and her son, she will be able to accomplish anything that comes her way.

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