Alika Medeiros and Ashley Fonda: Is the Dating Naked Couple Still Married?

VH1’s ‘Dating Naked’ is a reality show that is far different from what you might be used to. The series generally follows the same rubric as most dating shows, with the contestants trying to find love. However, there is one major catch which you might have guessed given the name of the show. Yes, the participating cast members of this particular social experiment are almost always without clothes. Despite the unconventional nature of it all, there was indeed a certain couple that was able to come together and seemingly find true love. We are indeed talking about Alika Medeiros and Ashley Fonda, who were first seen in season 1 of the show in 2014 and got married to each other on-screen. Now, almost a decade later, the world wants to know if the marriage is still as strong as the two had hoped for.

Alika and Ashley’s Dating Naked Journey

The first time Alika Medeiros and Ashley Fonda came across each other was thanks to the VH1 show. The latter was one of the two contestants in episode 6 of the very season of the show who had the ability to make a final choice after going on three naked dates. Given her free-spirited nature, Alika did not find many issues in remaining sans clothes and found her date with Alika to be one she thought might lead to something.

Indeed, both Alika and Ashley hit it off well, falling for each other hard and fast. Despite the short amount of time that they got to be on the show, the two felt like this might be one relationship that might just work even in real life. However, Ashley did find herself thrown off by the fact that Alika didn’t think himself ready for long-term commitment. While his openness about the topic was reminiscent of the show’s own emphasis on the same, Ashley could not help thinking about what it might mean for her should she choose him as her final partner.

Nevertheless, Ashley decided to place her trust in her heart and indeed chose Alika, who seemed happy about the development himself. Given his views regarding commitment, the fact that Alika’s wedding with Ashley was one of the most eventful moments in the show certainly delighted the viewers. Like the couple and the circumstances in which they came together, their wedding ceremony broke the norms of conventions. Even during their wedding, the couple was wearing no clothes. From the decorations and music to the concept of a group painting, the event represented Alika and Ashley well.

Are Alika and Ashley Still Together?

Since their time on the show, Alika Medeiros and Ashley Fonda have not been very public about their life, preferring to keep the details of their lives under wraps. It does seem like the two are still married and seem to be doing well in their professional lives. Alika himself had been a yoga teacher when he appeared on the VH1 series and seems to still be holding onto that post. In fact, he has been affiliated with Equinox for the same since February 2013.

Alika also became a self-employed Co-Owner of his own business in January 2017 in the San Francisco Bay area in California. Through his work, he claims to be “helping men and women live an erotic life.” Additionally, the reality TV star seems to be an expert in Psychedelic somatic therapy and is presently based in Los Gatos, California. His other areas of expertise seemingly include bodywork, massage, yoga, Hakomi therapy, sexuality, and bodynamics.

Meanwhile, Ashley is seemingly living a more nature-inclined life. Following her reality TV debut, she did make a brief appearance in Spike’s ‘Ink Master’ season 6, though she was not a participant. An activist and artist, she became associated with the Pacific Trash Vortex Project and seems to still be working toward making the world a place she can proudly call home.

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