Kerri Cipriani: The Dating Naked Star Has Separated From Her Husband

VH1’s ‘Dating Naked’ is a unique reality show that is sure to capture the attention of those who like to see unconventional romance blossom on their screens. The series offers contestants a chance to meet potential partners while being completely naked through the process. Season 2 of the show, which was released in 2015, featured Kerri Cipriani as the female star of the season and followed her quest to find love among the numerous suitors. Given the number of years that have passed since then, the world is eager to know what Kerri has been up to these days.

Kerri Cipriani’s Dating Naked Journey

Entering season 2 of the VH1 series, Kerri Cipriani wanted a respite from the kind of romantic life she was used to up until that point. Having recently suffered major heartbreak, she wanted to try something new that might allow her to find a genuine connection. She entered the show alongside Chris Aldrich, who held a position similar to hers. Seeing each other naked for the first time was certainly not what they were used to, but they soon learned to look past their sense of conventional living.

As the season progressed, Kerri came closer and closer to finding her match. She would often go on naked dates with potential suitors and be faced with a difficult choice in each episode. Either she could choose one of the newer dates as her Keeper, which would eliminate her existing one, or stick with the guy she already had decided to be her Keeper. During this time, she found herself gravitating toward various men like Louie, David, and Justin, among others.

By the time the finale came around, Kerri had Dan as her Keeper. She was given a chance to either choose Chris as her match or stick with her Keeper, Dan. However, to make things just a bit more interesting, the showrunners also brought back Mason, one of Kerri’s more compatible matches from the show. While Chris claimed that he was choosing Kerri, the lady in question ended up choosing Mason as her partner, a choice that made him quite happy.

Where is Kerri Cipriani Now?

We would first like to address Kerri Cipriani’s relationship with Mason. It seems like the two reality TV stars did not last as a couple for a very long time. Following her time on the show, Kerri confessed that she had started to feel like it wasn’t exactly her that Mason had fully wanted but also her status as the star of the show, for whom everyone was vying. She was happy to share that the two parted on amicable terms, with Mason apparently already having plans to woo another girl in mind.

That said, it does seem like Kerri did find her match in the end. Now going as Kerri Cipriani-Nisley, she got married to Lee Cipriani-Nisley in November of 2022. The two have beautiful daughters named Sophie and Finleigh. The former turned four in October 2023, while the latter was born in March 2021. However, quite recently, it seems like Kerri and Lee have been struggling in their marriage and, hence, made the decision to end their journey as a couple.

“After much consideration, we have decided to do right by each other and move forward as a family but away from our marriage,” Kerri and Lee shared in a joint Instagram statement. ” We are asking that if you loved us together, you continue to love us separately. If you supported us together, please support us apart. We are still a family at our core, and that is our main focus. We wish to protect our girls and continue to love and function as a family with as much peace, grace, and compassion as possible.”

Kerri and Lee’s decision to amicably separate and be there for their two little ones has been praised by many. For all intents and purposes, it does seem like the formerly married duo continues to respect each other and is deeply thankful for what they were able to bring to each other’s lives. On a more professional note, Kerri works as an Office Manager for Skydive the Gulf, a company based in Elberta, Alabama. She is also the Owner and Photographer of Beau Peep Boudoir.

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