Chris Aldrich: The Dating Naked Star is Now Engaged

If you are looking for a unique dating show, then VH1’s ‘Dating Naked’ certainly fits the bill. With the cast members spending the majority of their time with each other naked, the quest to find love certainly becomes a complicated one, especially when considering the general ups and downs that usually occur during such situations. Chris Aldrick, the star of the show’s second season (aired in 2015), did try to find his match, but the quest did not take the path he had imagined. Now, the world wants to know more about his current whereabouts.

Chris Aldrich’s Dating Naked Journey

Entering the dating show alongside Kerri Cipriani, Chris Aldrich was on a determined quest to find love. The concept of the show certainly intrigued him, though he did seem a bit overwhelmed by the number of women he would have to go on dates with while being naked over the course of the show. That said, his on-screen journey did start off strong, given how he actually found Kerri’s company to be a charming one, even before he got the chance to meet his other potential suitors.

As Chris started going on dates, he could not help but appreciate the opportunity he had been provided with. In each episode, he was tasked to choose one Keeper from his latest suitors or stick with his pre-existing one, a task that was far from simple. However, even during this time, he did seem to find a connection with the gorgeous Fallon, who was more than happy to do whatever was needed to stay beside Chris and win him over.

However, by the time the finale rolled around, it was actually Elissa who held the position of Chris’ Keeper. That said, the showrunners did bring back Fallon to see if Chris might be tempted to choose her as his final match. Knowing that all three women in front of him were gorgeous and connected well with him, he was highly conflicted. Ultimately, he decided to risk it all and chose Kerri. Unfortunately, the contestant in question ended up choosing Mason, which effectively marked the end of Chris’ quest for love, with him feeling dejected about just how things had happened.

Where is Chris Aldrich Now?

Though Chris Aldrich’s romantic on-screen journey did not have the best end, the reality TV contestant has continued on his path to find love. His efforts certainly seem to have borne fruit, given his flourishing relationship with Kat Rock. In fact, the two got engaged in May 2021 during their outing in Fishers Island, New York. The couple seems to have a shared interest in spending quality time outside, especially in each other’s company.

As for his work, Chris is doing quite well for himself. With a background in finance, the reality TV star has continued to expand his horizons. Since 2010, he has been working with Aldrich Perkins Mulcahy & Heap as a Tax Advisor/Accountant. The University of New Hampshire graduate then joined Integrated Financial Partners in January 2017 as a Financial Advisor and has held onto both posts with much enthusiasm.

However, Chris’ crowning professional achievement might be starting his own financial management business called Aldrich Wealth Management. Based in New London County, Connecticut, the VH1 star has been the company’s President/Financial Advisor since January 2017 and is quite proud of everything he has been able to achieve through his work. With a dedication to providing his clients with the best financial services, Chris is always happy to serve them in the best way possible.

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