David Dees: The Dating Naked Star Now Prefers a Private Life

Seen in season 3 of VH1’s ‘Dating Naked,’ David Dees gained much fame thanks to his leading role in the series. Like most contestants of a reality show, he had joined the social experiment to find a potential match. However, during the majority of the process, he had to remain naked. Even when meeting new suitors or connecting with existing ones, clothing was mostly not an option, leading to some interesting moments. Having witnessed him in the show in 2016, the audience is curious about what David has been up to these days.

David Dees’s Dating Naked Journey

David Dees entered the third installment of the VH1 series alongside Natalie Jansen. The two had the honor of being the stars of the season who had the chance to meet with multiple suitors to find their match. They also had the option of actually coupling up with each other should they want to do so. However, they would also be given various chances to go on dates, with each new episode asking them to choose a Keeper from their latest suitors. Should they desire, the contestant could actually choose to keep an existing Keeepr on the show instead of swapping it with a new one.

While exploring new connections, David also had to contend with the fact that he was not the only one who was meeting new suitors during naked dates. Given his growing connection with Natalie, the reality TV star was often torn about how to feel about the whole situation. That said, he did come across several genuine matches like Nicole, Sarah, and Michelle, among others. That said, there was also plenty of jealousy involved, given the complete nature of the situation, especially due to Natalie’s constant presence beside David.

Ultimately, the time came for David to make his final choice of partner, and he was torn up about the same. While he appreciated his connection with Natalie, he had also grown closer to Michelle, and the arrival of another connection certainly did not help. However, he decided to go with his gut and named Natalie as his partner. The fact that she, too, felt the same certainly made the process a heartwarming one, even if some of their suitors were visibly upset about not being chosen.

Where is David Dees Now?

Unfortunately, the romantic relationship between David Dees and Natalie Jansen did not last for long following their time on the show. However, the two disclosed that they remain good friends to each other. We’re not in a relationship. Natalie and I are not in a relationship,” David shared with VH1. “We have a relationship, but we’re not in a romantic relationship in that regard. It’s funny because you go to Bora Bora, and you connect in such a way that you know it’s so unique and so special.”

“We’ll always be connected in that way, and we have a beautiful relationship. I can genuinely say that you know that our relationship is in a great place. It’s just that we’re not in a romantic relationship,” David further added. This was a sentiment echoed by Natalie, who could not help but gush about her former partner-turned-friend. Since then, it seems like David prefers to keep the details of his life close to his heart, especially when pertaining to his love life.

Following the show, David did seem inclined to use his newfound fame to boost his career as a musician. The VH1 star actually posted a song on April 24, 2017, called “Jokes on You,” but the track has since been pulled down, along with David’s YouTube channel content. Working under the brand David Bengal Entertainment in the past, David now leads a private life, seemingly still based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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