Alisa Reyes: Kid From Reading Rainbow is an Actor and Producer Today

Alisa Reyes was one of the many children who had the opportunity to become a kid book reviewer for the beloved children’s television program ‘Reading Rainbow.’ At the time, Alisa was starting her career as a child actor, and this chance meant a lot to her—not only because it was a significant platform and a highly regarded TV series but also because it was a show she watched and loved. Being closely associated with something she had only seen on screen was a novel experience for Alisa, and she made the most of it. Netflix’s ‘Butterfly in the Sky: The Making of Reading Rainbow’ brings together kids like her, for whom the appearance on the show was a magical experience they still cherish.

Alisa Reyes was a Child Actor When She Came on Reading Rainbow

Alisa Reyes, born on February 3, 1981, in New York, has Irish, Italian, and Dominican ancestry. She began her career as a child actor and model at seven. At just eight years old, she joined The Professional Performing Arts School. Around the same age, she appeared on the popular children’s TV show Reading Rainbow, which revolved around books. She was tasked with preparing and performing a book review for one of the episodes.

The book Alisa chose was ‘I Want a Dog’ by Dayal Kaur Khalsa. When she revisited the recording of her review, she was surprised by how pronounced her New York accent had been. Although it was a small stint in her long and illustrious career, she recalled that participating in the show and other children’s programs provided her with cherished memories. These experiences are something she can look back on and share with her children, nieces, and nephews. They remind her how far she has come from where she began.

Where is Alisa Reyes Now?

Since her appearance on ‘Reading Rainbow,’ Alisa Reyes has continued working as a child actor, steadily building her career. Her breakout moment came in 1992 when she was featured in Mariah Carey’s music video for the single ‘Make It Happen.’ This exposure helped her secure a spot as a permanent cast member on Nickelodeon’s ‘All That’ for the show’s first three years. Reyes’s versatility allowed her to return to the series in various roles and even appear as herself in Season 11. Following her success on ‘All That,’ opportunities continued to come her way. In 1998, she landed the role of Marci Blake in the television series ‘One World,’ further solidifying her presence in the entertainment industry.

Her performance in ‘One World’ earned Alisa nominations for the Best Young Actress/Performance in a Saturday Morning TV Program at the YoungStar Awards in 1999 and 2000. This recognition helped solidify her status as a rising star in the entertainment industry. Over the years, she has amassed an impressive portfolio, appearing in nearly 40 films and TV series. Her versatility as an actress is evident through her roles in various productions, including ‘Spyder Games,’ ‘American Family,’ and the long-running soap opera ‘Passions.’

Alisa has also made significant strides in the film industry in recent years. She took on roles in movies like ‘Heavenly Deposit,’ released in 2019, where she played a crucial part in a heartwarming story about faith and redemption. Her role in the 2023 film ‘Sisters’ marked another milestone, as she contributed to a compelling narrative about familial bonds and personal growth.

She presently holds a recurring role on the Disney+ animated show ‘The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder,’ which premiered in 2022 and has garnered Emmy awards. Additionally, she contributes as a board member for the nonprofit dance academy California Dance Institute, which is dedicated to community service. Engaging in acting coaching, she provides individualized sessions for budding actors. With a passion for music, she debuted her single ‘Back and Forth’ in 2019, signaling her intent to explore musical avenues in her career.

Alisa has expanded her interests into film production, having produced ‘The Orange Years: The Nickelodeon Story’ in 2018. Now, she is delving further into the film industry, with her upcoming project titled ‘Girls Will Be Girls’ slated for release soon. Alongside her professional accomplishments, She has found happiness in her personal life, having been married to Nathan Thorpe since June 20, 2015. The couple welcomed their daughter, Rosemary, in August 2021, and Alisa frequently shares glimpses of their joyous family life on her vibrant social media platforms.

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