Alisha Sidie Murder: Where is Doug Sidie Now?

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Investigation Discovery’s ‘Hometown Homicide’ specializes in cases that took place in small towns and communities all across the country. Each episode uses archival footage from local news channels in conjunction with the accounts of people involved with the case to understand the events that led up to the murders. So its episode, ‘Hunting Season,’ is no different, as it takes a look at the murder of Alisha Sidie in Hatfield, Wisconsin. Curious to know the gruesome story behind her murder? We’ve got you covered.

How Did Alisha Sidie Die?

Alisha Sidie was a 27-year-old who had been working at a chiropractic clinic as an assistant in addition to a part-time job as a bartender at a local bar. In the past, she had served in the Air Force. A busy woman, Alisha was also a full-time student at the Chippewa Valley Technical College. She had twin boys with her ex-husband, Douglas Sidie. They had been divorced in 2007 but were looking to reconcile at the time.

On November 8, 2008, Doug reported Alisha missing. He stated that Alisha had walked out of the house after an argument the previous night. He claimed that she had been drunk and had taken her purse with her. Over the next week, he aided the authorities and other volunteers in her search through the woods of Hatfield, Wisconsin, where they lived. Alisha was eventually found on November 15 in a densely wooded area in Komensky, Wisconsin. A tracking bloodhound found her remains. She had been shot once in the left eye with a .22 caliber handgun. But her body may never have been found without a stunning confession.

Who Killed Alisha Sidie?

While Doug was out there helping with the search efforts, he was also harboring a secret. More than a week after his wife had been missing, he confessed to the police that he had killed her. Doug, who was 39 years old at the time, had told the authorities that on the night of November 7, they had gotten into an argument. He claimed that Alisha had threatened the life of his 8-year-old son from a previous relationship in addition to forbidding Doug from seeing their twins. So, he had shot her on the sidewalk outside their home with a .22 caliber handgun when her back was turned to him.

Image Credit: Oxygen

Then, Doug stated that he used rubber kitchen gloves and loaded her body into his pickup truck. Initially, he dumped her remains in a marsh but since her body was easily visible, he drove to the wooded area in Komensky, dragged her face-down across a dirt road, and left her body there. Alisha’s cellphone and the gun were found in a nearby creek while the gloves and her purse were found at the dumpsite.

He stated that he delayed telling the police because he wanted to spend time with the young twins. It had also come to light that this was not the first time Doug had apparently attacked Alisha. Back in 2005, Doug had gotten too drunk and while she was driving him back home, he called her names. He also shoved her to the ground before kicking her in the head. Alisha managed to call 911 and he was charged with misdemeanor domestic abuse battery, which was later reduced to disorderly conduct. (It appears as though this charge was then dismissed).

The case against Doug was further strengthened with a statement from Doug’s friend, Jess Terry. Doug had initially stated that Jess had been at home sleeping in the living room on the night of November 7. Jess told the police that he and Doug had gone to a local bar for a drink and returned home at around 7:30 PM after buying a few beers on the way back. But, a receipt that was obtained later showed that the beers were not bought until much later in the night.

Upon a second questioning, Jess told the police that after returning from the bar, he had gone to the bathroom and once he was out, he saw Doug just entering the house at that time. He had admitted to Jess that he had shot Alisha and she was dead, after which Doug left to dispose of the body. As a result, Doug was charged with the murder of Alisha in addition to hiding a corpse and nine other misdemeanors. In a plea deal in August 2009, he agreed to plead guilty to the charge of murder in return for the other charges being dropped. He was sentenced later the same year.

Where is Doug Sidie Now?

Doug Sidie was convicted of first-degree intentional homicide and was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility for parole after 35 years. At his sentencing, he was apologetic towards Alisha’s family. “I know they hate me. I can’t say that I blame them,” he said. “I can’t tell them I’m sorry enough, I can’t put it into words … I never meant for this to happen. I never meant for things to go this far.” As per prison records, he remains incarcerated at the Dodge Correctional Institution in Waupun, Wisconsin.

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