Alive Survivors: Where Are They Now?

‘Alive’ is an eye-opening survival drama movie heavily based on the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 crash. In October of 1972, the Old Christians Club rugby union team, an Uruguayan club from Montevideo, was supposed to go up against the Santiago, Chile, based  Old Boys Club. As a result, the Uruguayan Club’s president, Daniel Juan, charted a flight with the Uruguayan Air Force in order to fly the team, coaches, and several family members to the game. Besides, while the flight departed without any incident from Carrasco International Airport on October 12, 1972, it was being operated by pilot Colonel Julio César Ferradas and his co-pilot, Lieutenant-Colonel Dante Héctor Lagurara.

Unfortunately, the accident occurred on October 13 when Dante was in control of the flight. The co-pilot believed that the aircraft had reached the city of Curicó, from where they were supposed to descend in order to reach Pudahuel Airport. However, Dante was wrong in his readings, and once he put the plane in descent, it collided with a mountain range damaging the tail as well as the wings. The damage soon put the entire aircraft out of control, and the plane crashed in a remote section of the Andes near the Argentina-Chile Border.

Although several passengers died upon impact, the survivors found themselves in a frigid landscape with no plant or animal in sight. The group initially divided the little food they had amongst them, but the supply soon ran out. Moreover, the survivors also tried to eat the cotton and leather from the seats, which made them extremely sick. Seeing no way out of the predicament, the group came together and pledged that if one of them died, the rest should consume their bodies to continue living.

While the suggestion was initially met with disgust and anger, people soon realized that the only way to stay alive was to consume the bodies preserved in the snow. Hence, the survivors were forced to resort to cannibalism until just sixteen of them were rescued in December, about two months after the crash. Well, let’s explore the details surrounding the horrific incident and find out where the survivors are at present, shall we?

Where Is Roberto Canessa Now?

One of the Rugby players on board, Roberto Canessa, was the first person to suggest that the survivors should consume human flesh in order to stay alive. On top of it, Roberto also played an integral role in the rescue as he, along with Fernando Parrado, trekked for ten days through the Andes before finding help. Following the rescue, Roberto mentioned that the thought of his mother and girlfriend waiting at home was what inspired him to carry on despite the terrifying conditions. In fact, he even went on to marry his girlfriend, Laura Surraco, and the couple are currently proud parents to three children.

Besides, readers will be glad to know that Roberto went on to have a successful career as a pediatric cardiologist, and he even competed in the 1994 Uruguayan presidential elections. At present, Roberto is considered an important political figure in Uruguay, and he even co-wrote a book alongside Pablo Vierci called ‘I Had to Survive.’ We are also happy to report that Roberto is well-known as a motivational speaker and has built a wonderful life with his wife and children.

Where Is Nando Parrado Now?

Nando’s mother and sister were present on the plane at the time of the crash, and none of them were able to survive the cold. However, despite the tragic loss, Nando trekked through the Andes along with Roberto Canessa for ten days until they managed to secure help for the rest of the survivors. Incidentally, once transported back home after the rescue, Nando dropped out of college and began exploring a career as a professional race-car driver.

However, with time, he inherited his father’s hardware business, which helped him discover his passion for entrepreneurship. At present, Nando enjoys a happy married life and earns a living as a TV presenter and motivational speaker. Besides, he even co-wrote the book ‘Miracle in the Andes: 72 Days on the Mountain and My Long Trek Home’ with Vince Rause, and we wish him the best for the years to come.

Where Is Carlos Páez Rodríguez Now?

Image Credit: Carlos Páez Rodríguez/Facebook

A rugby player for Old Christians Club, Carlos was one of the youngest survivors since he was just a few days away from turning nineteen when the plane crashed. Once rescued, he focused on furthering his career and soon graduated from the Universidad del Trabajo del Uruguay before earning a living as an agricultural technician. However, he soon changed fields to advertising and currently operates his own agency through which he helps other companies with Communication Consultancy and Public Relations.

On top of it, Carlos is also pretty popular as a motivational speaker and lecturer. Besides, while readers will be happy to know that Carlos is a proud father to his children, Maria Elena de los Andes “Gochi” and Carlos Diego, he even authored three books, namely ‘After the Tenth Day,’ ‘My Second Mountain Range, and ‘From the Cordillera del Alma.’

Where Is José Pedro Algorta Now?

Image Credit: Stanford Graduate School of Business/YouTube

Jose Pedro Algorta was a member of the Old Christians Club rugby team and an economics student at the time of the plane crash. However, following his rescue, he left his home in Uruguay and moved to Buenos Aires in, Argentina, where he began pursuing a degree in economics at the University of Buenos Aires.

Later, Jose Pedro Algorta even obtained his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Stanford University and currently earns a living as an economist. On top of it, while he authored the book ‘Into the Mountains: The Extraordinary True Story of Survival in the Andes and Its Aftermath,’ he is happily married to Maria Noelle Sauval, with whom he shares three children.

Where Is Alfredo “Pancho” Delgado Now?

Alfredo Delgado, better known by his nickname Pancho was a member of the Old Christians Club rugby team who managed to survive for 72 days in the Andes. Still, readers will be glad to know that Alfredo refused to give up on his career as an athlete following the rescue and instead used Rugby as a method of coping with the nightmare that lingered on for years. Besides, Alfredo was 60 when he participated in a commemorative rugby game against Old Grangonian Club in October 2012 to mark the 40th anniversary of the crash and rescue. However, at present, Alfredo prefers to keep his personal life under wraps, although it seems like the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 still resides in Uruguay.

Where Is Daniel Fernández Now?

Image Credit: Canal 4/YouTube

Another member of the Rugby Team, Daniel Fernandez, faced numerous challenges and fought against all odds to survive for 72 days in the Andes. Following the rescue, Daniel maintained a close relationship with most of his fellow survivors, and like Alfredo, he, too, used Rugy as a coping mechanism. However, even though Daniel was a part of the October 2012 Rugby game, which marked the 40th anniversary of the incident, he has since embraced privacy, making his current whereabouts unclear.

Where Is Roberto “Bobby” François Now?

Roberto “Bobby” François had no idea about the oncoming tragedy when he stepped onto the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 on October 12, 1972. However, he did everything possible to survive for 72 days and was eventually rescued on December 23. Reports mentioned that the grueling 72 days finally showed its effect on Roberto when he lost almost 90% of the vision in one of his eyes.

Nevertheless, Roberto refused to let the depression drag him down and instead appeared on several TV channels and documentaries where he spoke extensively about his experience. Yet, at present, Roberto prefers privacy regarding his personal life, although he appears to have built a quiet life in Uruguay.

Where Is Roy Harley Now?

Image Credit: This Nation/YouTube

After the rescue, Roy Harley, one of the Rugby players on the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, claimed that the first day of the crash was most terrifying as the hurt and bleeding survivors realized they were completely alone in a remote area of the Andes. Moreover, since it was nighttime, the entire area was pitch black, and the passengers had to brave the tremendous cold and huddle together as they waited for the sun to rise. At present, Roy Harles enjoys a happy married life in Uruguay, where he is surrounded by his children and grandchildren. Moreover, while he became the only Uruguayan to bear an Olympic torch at the 2016 Rio Olympics, Roy has also earned fame as a motivational speaker and coach.

Where Is José “Coche” Luis Inciarte Now?

Image Credit: This Morning/Facebook

Although José “Coche” Luis Inciarte was just 24 years old at the time of the crash, he showed an incredible will to survive during the 72 harrowing days in the Andes. Once rescued, he was reunited with his mother and his fiancee, Soledad, whom he would later go on to marry. At present, Jose and his wife, Soledad, have built up a wonderful life in Carrasco, Uruguay, surrounded by their 3 children and 8 grandchildren.

Moreover, even though we are sorry to report that José “Coche” Luis is currently battling cancer, he refuses to give up so quickly and has earned much fame as a motivational speaker. Besides, he also authored the book ‘Memories of the Andes,’ and we wish him the best for the years to come.

Where Is Álvaro Mangino Now?

Reports mention that since the crash left Alvaro Mangino with two broken legs, he had the sole responsibility of turning the ice into drinking water so that the survivors could remain clean and quench their thirst. Once rescued, Alvaro returned home and was determined to create something to celebrate the legacy of those who failed to survive. Hence, he eventually went on to launch Valle de Las Lagrimas, his own line of wines and currently resides in Uruguay.

Is Javier Methol Dead or Alive?

Image Credit: TEDx Talks/YouTube

Javier Methol showed incredible bravery in the face of terror and managed to survive for 72 days in the Andes. Once back home, he maintained a close bond with most other survivors and would attend their yearly get-togethers on December 22 to commemorate the heroic rescue. On top of it, he even found success in his professional life as a businessman and eventually settled in Montevideo, Uruguay.

We hate to be the bearer of bleak news but in the middle of 2015, Javier was diagnosed with aggressive cancer, and the doctors did not have much hope for his survival. Subsequently, on June 4, 2015, he breathed his last at 79 years of age, and almost all of the remaining survivors attended Javier’s funeral.

Where Is Ramón Sabella Now?

Image Credit: PARAGUAY TV/YouTube

Interestingly, Ramon Sabella did not belong to the Old Christians Club rugby team but had instead tagged along to support several of his friends. However, the Agronomy student refused to surrender to the forces of nature and instead did everything possible to survive until the rescue. Once back home, Ramon completed his studies and went on to become a successful businessman.

While the Uruguay resident is currently married to Gloria Scappin, he owns and operates a massively successful meat-exporting business. On top of it, Ramon also earned much fame as a motivational speaker, and we wish him the best for the years to come.

Where Is Adolfo “Fito” Strauch Now?

Image Credit: FLYPMedia/YouTube

After the rescue, Adolfo mentioned that even though the horrific crash gave him nightmares for years, he refused to get dragged down into depression. Moreover, he even went on to marry Paula Martín Valdés, and the couple, who reside in Uruguay, are proud parents to four wonderful children. Besides, even though Adolfo appeared in several TV series and documentaries in order to talk about his experience, the Uruguayan resident currently prefers to keep her personal life under wraps.

Where Is Eduardo Strauch Now?

Image Credit: Desnivel/YouTube

While Eduardo showed remarkable bravery in the days following the crash, he soon stood out as a natural leader and was responsible for keeping the survivors organized until the rescue. Once back home, Eduardo detailed his experience on several TV shows and documentaries and even earned fame as a motivational speaker. Besides, at present, Eduardo owns and operates his own company, Alpine Expeditions, alongside Ricardo Pena, and two lead yearly expeditions to the site of the crash in a bid to keep the victims’ memories alive.

Where Is Antonio “Tintin” Vizintín Now?

Image Credit: El País Uruguay/YouTube

Although Antonio “Tintin” Vizintín was horrified by his experience during the 72 days in the Andes, he fell back on Rugby as a way of escaping the nightmares and even maintained a close bond with his fellow survivors after the rescue. Although not much is known about Antonio’s current life, we can confirm that he currently resides in Uruguay and earns a living as a motivational speaker.

Where Is Gustavo Zerbino Now?

Image Credit: El País Uruguay/YouTube

Apart from being a Rugby player, Gustavo Zerbino was a student of medicine and played a crucial role in tending to the injured in the initial hours of the crash. He even showed remarkable leadership qualities and used his medical knowledge to keep the survivors as healthy as possible. Following the rescue, Gustavo embarked on a career as a rugby union player and later went on to become a well-known motivational speaker. Currently, Gustavo Zerbino resides in Uruguay, where he serves as the Director and CEO of the Uruguayan Rugby Federation.

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