Al Pacino: Every Upcoming Movie in 2024 and 2025

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Al Pacino, an illustrious name that instantly conjures visions of cinematic brilliance, has graced Hollywood with his unparalleled talent for over six decades. Pacino’s ascent from New York’s hustle to Hollywood’s shimmer is a story of legend emerging from the vibrant streets of Manhattan, New York City. From his masterful portrayal of Michael Corleone in ‘The Godfather’ film series to the power-hungry Tony Montana in ‘Scarface,’ Pacino’s versatility is, simply put, unmatched. Beyond entertaining, his performances have become iconic, gifting him a coveted Academy Award, multiple Tony honors, and the prestigious National Medal of Arts.

Whether stepping into the shoes of a gangster, a relentless detective, or a compelling lawyer, Pacino’s dedication to his characters remains awe-inspiring, captivating audiences globally. As we reminisce about his treasure trove of cinematic gems, anticipation naturally builds regarding his forthcoming endeavors. So, for those spellbound by Pacino’s artistry and eagerly anticipating his next cinematic venture, here’s a sneak peek into the future projects of the venerable actor!

1. Billy Knight (2024)

‘Billy Knight’ is an upcoming indie drama film that will mark the feature film debut of writer-director Alec Griffen Roth. The film is set to feature the legendary Al Pacino, alongside ‘Stranger Things’ star Charlie Heaton and Diana Silvers, known for her performances in ‘Space Force’ and ‘Booksmart’. The plot revolves around grad school students Alex and Emily, who aspire to be filmmakers. Alex is also dealing with the grief of losing his father, a failed screenwriter. The only legacy his father left behind is a handkerchief with the name “Billy Knight” embroidered on it and a box of unfinished scripts. This leads Alex on a magical Hollywood adventure to uncover the mystery of “Billy Knight,” blurring the lines between fiction and reality.

With his vast array of iconic roles, Pacino takes on yet another intriguing character in this film. While the exact nature of Pacino’s role hasn’t been revealed, the inclusion of such a heavyweight actor promises a compelling performance. The film is described as a “love letter to cinema,” blending fantasy with the rich history of filmmaking. It’s not just a tale about the world of cinema but also delves into the introspective journey of a young man searching for his voice and understanding life’s priorities. As of now, the film is in the post-production stage and it will be released on Aug 27, 2024.

2. Hand of Dante (2024)

‘Hand of Dante,’ or ‘In the Hand of Dante,’ is a crime mystery drama written and directed by Julian Schnabel based on the 2002 novel ‘In the Hand of Dante’ by Nick Tosches. The story of the film, going by the book, is set across two timelines. In one timeline (the present), we see a scholar named Nick who is asked to authenticate what seems to be the original manuscript of Dante Alighieri’s “The Divine Comedy” by a mob boss. However, overwhelmed by his temptation, Nick steals the manuscript and escapes with the love of his life Giulietta, and makes his way from the dark depths of New York’s underbelly to their paradise. In the other timeline (14th century), we see Dante who escapes to Sicily from the shackles of his loveless marriage and creates his masterpiece, and honoring Beatrice, his lost love. How the two men lose themselves in chasing what they love more than anything else and how both are thus connected is what we will see in the film.

Along with Pacino, the star-studded cast includes Oscar Isaac, Jason Momoa, and Gerard Butler. We also have Italian actors including Sabrina Impacciatore, Franco Nero, and Claudio Santamaria. Martin Scorsese serves as an executive producer on the project. It is currently in its post-production stage and will release in 2024 although we are yet to get a release date.

3. Knox Goes Away (2024)

‘Knox Goes Away’ is an upcoming thriller film directed by Michael Keaton. The film delves into the life of a contract killer who, after being diagnosed with a rapidly progressing form of dementia, is given a chance at redemption. This opportunity comes in the form of saving the life of his estranged adult son. However, to achieve this, he must outpace the police, who are hot on his trail. The narrative is intensified by the protagonist’s deteriorating mental state, adding layers of complexity to his mission.

Al Pacino plays the role of Xavier Crane, an old pro and friend of the protagonist, John Knox. Crane is instrumental in the story as he carefully advises John Knox on every detail of what must be specifically done to help Knox’s estranged son. The film boasts a star-studded cast, including Keaton as John Knox, James Marsden, Marcia Gay Harden, Dennis Dugan as Philo, Ray McKinnon, Lela Loren, and John Hoogenakker among others. Apart from directing, Keaton also plays the protagonist in the film, showcasing his versatility in the industry. The theatrical release date of ‘Knox Goes Away’ has not yet been revealed though we can expect it to be dropped in 2024 itself. The anticipation surrounding the film is palpable and worldwide audiences are eagerly waiting to witness the cinematic magic this ensemble cast will bring to the screen.

4. Modi (2024)

‘Modi’ is a biographical film directed by Johnny Depp, focusing on the life of the renowned Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani. The film, adapted from Dennis McIntyre’s play titled ‘Modigliani,’ delves into two tumultuous days in Modigliani’s life during World War I in Paris. Known to his friends as Modi, he is depicted living a bohemian lifestyle, evading the police, and contemplating leaving his art career behind. However, his life takes a turn when he encounters an art collector named Maurice Gangnat, who was famously painted by Pierre-Auguste Renoir in 1916.

Al Pacino’s character, Gangnat, can be the catalyst that changes Modigliani’s life. Alongside Pacino, the film boasts a stellar cast, including Riccardo Scamarcio, who takes on the role of Modigliani, and Pierre Niney, who will be portraying fellow artist Maurice Utrillo. The narrative captures the essence of Modigliani’s struggles in his interactions with fellow bohemians like Maurice Utrillo, Chaim Soutine, and muse Beatrice Hastings.

The anticipation surrounding ‘Modi’ is palpable, especially given the collaboration of cinematic giants like Pacino and Depp. With Depp at the helm as the director and Pacino’s undeniable prowess in front of the camera, the upcoming film, which is currently in the post-production stage and will be released in 2024, promises to be a deep dive into the world of art, passion, and the challenges faced by artists during one of history’s most tumultuous periods.

5. Killing Castro (TBA)

Currently in its filming stage, ‘Killing Castro’ is a historical drama helmed by Eif Rivera based on a script by Thomas DeGrezia, Leon Hendrix, and Colin Bateman. We will see the film from the perspective of a rookie FBI agent (undercover) who has to keep Fidel Castro safe after the latter he comes to the US in 1960 for his first speech at the United Nations General Assembly after winning the Cuban revolution. Fidel is invited by Malcolm X to stay at a hotel but upon facing hostility there, he arrives at the famed Hotel Theresa in Harlem. The agent, whose original mission was to investigate Malcolm X, is thus told to keep Fidel from being killed by the Italian mafia and/or the CIA. How the agent tries to pull off an objective of such a magnitude is what the film will entail.

Other than Pacino, the cast includes Alexander Ludwig, Titus Welliver, KiKi Layne, Logan Marshall-Green, Ron Livingston, Xolo Maridueña, and Nicole Beharie although we do not yet know who’s playing who. Further details are awaited.

6. Sniff (TBA)

Directed by Taylor Hackford, ‘Sniff’ is an intriguing upcoming noir film that promises to be a fresh spin on the genre. The plot delves deep into the mysterious events at a high-end luxury retirement community. When two residents meet their untimely demise under suspicious circumstances, retired detective Joe Mulwray (Morgan Freeman), is drawn back into the investigative world. Assisted by his former partner, William Keys (Danny DeVito), they unearth a concealed underworld teeming with sex, drugs, and murder. This dark realm is overseen by the formidable kingpin Harvey Stride (Pacino) and his femme fatale enforcer, The Spider (Helen Mirren).

Pacino’s portrayal of Harvey Stride is highly anticipated, given his legacy of delivering powerful performances. Joining him is a stellar ensemble cast, including Freeman, Mirren, and DeVito, each bringing a wealth of experience and depth to their respective roles. The collaboration between Hackford and Pacino, coupled with such a compelling storyline, is bound to create a cinematic experience that audiences will eagerly await. The project is currently in the filming stage with the US release date yet to be confirmed.

7. Assassination (TBA)

‘Assassination’ is an upcoming thriller film directed by the acclaimed Pulitzer Prize-winner and Oscar nominee David Mamet. The film delves into the fateful murder of former US President John F. Kennedy, reimagining his death as a hit ordered by Chicago mob kingpin Sam Giancana. This audacious plot twist suggests that the assassination was payback for JFK’s attempts to undermine the mob, especially after they had played a significant role in getting him elected. This intriguing perspective on the assassination is further intensified by the fact that the script’s co-writer, Nicholas Celozzi, is Giancana’s grandnephew, adding a layer of personal connection to the narrative.

Pacino is joined by a stellar cast that includes John Travolta, Shia LaBeouf, Viggo Mortensen, Rebecca Pidgeon, and Courtney Love. While details about Pacino’s character remain under wraps, the ensemble of actors promises powerhouse performances. Given the magnitude of the project and the talent involved, audiences can expect a riveting cinematic experience that delves deep into one of America’s most debated historical events. This film is currently in its pre-production stage and further details are awaited about its filming and a potential year of release.

8. Easy’s Waltz (TBA)

‘Easy’s Waltz’ is an upcoming drama film directed by ‘True Detective’ creator Nic Pizzolatto, marking his feature film directorial debut. Pizzolatto is also the writer of the screenplay, with Margot Hand serving as the producer. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Las Vegas, the film is described as a blend of ‘Swingers’ and ‘A Star is Born.’ The narrative follows a down-on-his-luck comedian-crooner as he navigates the challenges of modern Las Vegas, interacting with old-school Vegas personalities who have graced the Strip for years.

Vince Vaughn takes on the role of the struggling comedian while the legendary Pacino, Michelle Monaghan, and ‘Red Rocket’ star Simon Rex complete the main cast. Specific details about Pacino’s character haven’t been revealed yet. The release date of the film has not yet been disclosed. Since the film was only announced earlier this year, details, including production and a potential release year, are highly anticipated.

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