All Upcoming Matthew McConaughey Movies and TV Shows

Matthew McConaughey never fails to charm us with his voice that further accentuates his organic performances, giving them a niche of their own. Some of his praise-worthy performances include ‘The Lincoln Lawyer,’ ‘Bernie,’ ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ ‘Killer Joe,’ ‘Interstellar,’ ‘Frailty,’ ‘A Time To Kill,’ ‘Dallas Buyers Club,’ and ‘Magic Mike.’ His ability to go under the skin of each of his characters accompanied by his long list of awards and nominations including but not limited to the Academy, the Golden Globe, the Critics’s Choice, the AACTA International, and the Emmy, make him one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood.

Debuting on the big screen in 1993 with ‘Dazed and Confused’ as a character much of whose role was improvised on set, McConaughey is today known for his improvisations, especially the iconic humming scene in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’ So if you are a McConaughey fan and want to know what the actor is improvising on next, we bring you his upcoming projects, all sorted out.

1. Untitled Yellowstone Sequel (2023)

‘Yellowstone’ is a drama series that follows the Dutton family that owns Montana’s biggest ranch, named Yellowstone Dutton Ranch or just Yellowstone. It has two prequels, namely ‘1883’ and ‘1923’, with each one showing the Dutton Dynasty of the respective period in history, along with a third upcoming spin-off that is being addressed as ‘6666’ and will showcase a real cattle ranch. The spin-off we are talking about is the 4th ‘Yellowstone’ project, an untitled ‘Yellowstone’ spin-off series, created by Taylor Sheridan.

While details of the plot are still under wraps, the spin-off series will reportedly feature a fresh batch of characters in a new setting. Talking about it, creator Taylor told The Hollywood Reporter, “There are lots of places where a way of life that existed for 150 years is slamming against a new way of life, but the challenges are completely different. There are a lot of places you can tell this story.” Explaining Matthew’s casting, he added, “[Matthew] seems like a natural fit. We had a few conversations over the years, and spitballed a few ideas. Then he started watching Yellowstone and responded to it. He was like, ‘I want to do that.’ And by ‘that’ he meant diving into a raw world clashing up against the modern world. And then I said, ‘Buddy, that we can do.'”

Although there are no updates about the rest of the cast, we confirm that Matthew McConaughey, who is a fan of the original show, is set to headline the project. It is produced by 101 Studios and MTV Entertainment Studios and distributed by Paramount Network and Paramount+. The project is currently in its pre-production stage and it is expected to debut in November 2023. Further updates about the production and release date are awaited.

2. A Time For Mercy (TBA)

‘A Time For Mercy’ is an investigative series based on John Grisham’s novel of the same name that was published in 2020. The book is the third part of the author’s trilogy that centers on Jake Brigance, a young fearless lawyer. Each novel deals with a separate case, the previous two being ‘A Time To Kill,’ and ‘Sycamore Row,’ in that order. In ‘A Time For Mercy’, Brigance has to defend a sixteen-year-old boy who is charged with shooting and killing a law enforcement officer, the boyfriend of his mother, and is facing the death penalty for the same. As per the boy, the man was abusive towards his mother, his sister, and him. How Brigance peels off each layer of the case, risking his career and family’s safety, and whether he is able to save the boy from the death penalty are what the story chronicles.

Matthew McConaughey is reprising his role after 25 years from ‘A Time To Kill’ (1996), which is a super hit. The events of ‘A Time For Mercy’ are set a mere 5 years after those of ‘A Time To Kill.’ So the actor will be pulling off a much younger role. The series, which potentially has 8-10 episodes, is co-produced by HBO and Warner Bros. and will release on HBO Max. Currently, in its pitching stage, further updates are awaited about the director, writer, production, the rest of the cast, and the release date.

3. Brother From Another Mother (TBA)

‘Brother From Another Mother’ is a comedy series that deals with two male best friends with completely different lifestyles and views towards life. However, issues arise when one of them invites the other’s family to his Texas ranch, putting their friendship to the test. On the SiriusXM’s “Let’s Talk Off Camera” podcast, McConaughey stated that the series is “a series about our families that’s based on truth.”

Other than the cast that includes McConaughey and his long-time friend Woody Harrelson, there are no updates about the project. As per the ‘Interstellar’ actor, their friendship is an important aspect of the film. Both McConaughey and Harrelson serve as executive producers. It is produced by Apple Studios and Skydance Television and distributed by Apple TV+. The show is presently in its pre-production stages so we are yet to find out who the director will be. More details about it are awaited.

4. The Brigands of Rattlecreek (TBA)

‘The Brigands of Rattlecreek’ is a violent western crime drama movie directed by Park Chan-wook, the mastermind behind movies like 2002’s ‘Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance’ and 2003’s ‘Oldboy.’ It tells the story of a sheriff and a doctor who team up to take revenge against a gang of bandits who fool the occupants of a small western town into believing that there is a torrential thunderstorm coming, only to scare and rob them.

The screenplay is written by S. Craig Zahler who also wrote 2015’s ‘Bone Tomahawk.’ While the latest reports suggest that Matthew McConaughey is not officially cast, he has been the first choice of producer Bradley Fischer for the role of the doctor. We are yet to know about the rest of the cast including an A-list male actor that the makers are searching for the role of the sheriff. Alongside Fischer, the movie, a potentially R-rated project promising a high level of violence, is produced by Phoenix Pictures. It is distributed by Amazon Prime Video. Development about the project is currently unknown and further updates about the cast and the release date are awaited.

5. The Rivals of Amziah King (TBA)

Directed by Andrew Patterson, ‘The Rivals of Amziah King’ is a crime thriller movie that has an atmospheric, character-based story set against the backdrop of remote Oklahoma. The script is written by Patterson himself with McConaughey playing the Amziah King. Although the plot is under wraps, from the title, it seems that the movie will deal with the Amziah King and his relationship with his rivals and what makes him the ‘king’ and not someone else. The rest of the cast includes Kurt Russell, Rob Morgan, Jake Horowitz, Harrison Stone, Chip Carriere, and Bruce Davis. It is currently in its post-production stage and we are yet to know about its release date.

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