All Upcoming Morgan Freeman Movies and TV Shows in 2024 and 2025

Image Credit: Jessica Forde/Universal Pictures

Morgan Freeman is an actor par excellence who has graced the silver screen with his exceptional talent for over five decades. Freeman’s captivating performances are proof of his acting prowess, from his standout portrayal of Ellis Boyd “Red” Redding in ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ to his commanding presence as Detective Somerset in ‘Se7en.’ He further contributed to the world of cinema and television with his memorable appearances in ‘Bruce Almighty,’ ‘Million Dollar Baby,’ ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy, ‘Invictus,’ ‘Olympus Has Fallen,’ and ‘Special Ops: Lioness.’

In addition to winning an Academy Award for portraying Eddie “Scrap Iron” Dupris in ‘Million Dollar Baby,’ Freeman was nominated for the same for his performances in ‘Street Smart,’ ‘Driving Miss Daisy,’ ‘The Shawshank Redemption,’ and ‘Invictus.’ The actor is going to continue entertaining audiences with some exciting projects in the future as well. Here is a list of all the upcoming films and television shows of Morgan Freeman!

1. Gunner (TBA)

Freeman is venturing into the ‘bad guy’ territory with his villainous role in the upcoming action thriller film ‘Gunner.’ The film revolves around a Special Ops veteran named Lee Gunner, who goes against a drug cartel when his sons are kidnapped by the gang during a fishing trip. Luke Hemsworth (‘Westworld’ and ‘Death of Me’) stars in the titular role and Freeman portrays the cartel’s leader Kendrick Ryker. The film, helmed by Dimitri Logothetis (‘Kickboxer: Vengeance’ and ‘Jiu Jitsu’), also stars Joseph Baena, Grant Feely, Connor DeWolfe, Mykel Shannon Jenkins, and Maurice P. Kerry. The movie is under post-production with no release date attached as of now.

2. My Dead Friend Zoe (TBA)

‘My Dead Friend Zoe’ is a comedy film about a female veteran’s mysterious relationship with her dead best friend from the Army. Meanwhile, she also has to deal with her estranged grandfather, a Vietnam veteran. Freeman appears in the drama film as Dr. Cole but not much is known about his character. Sonequa Martin-Green (‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘The Outside Story’) stars as the lead Merit, while Natalie Morales (‘Dead to Me’ and ‘No Hard Feelings’) features as her friend Zoe and Ed Harris (‘The Truman Show’ and ‘Top Gun: Maverick) portrays her grandfather Dale.

Utkarsh Ambudkar, Gloria Reuben, Rich Paul, Drew Rausch, James Bane, Assia Lau’ren, Alicia Borja, etc. also feature in the movie. Kyle Hausmann-Stokes makes his feature directorial debut with the project after directing several short films, including the source short film, ‘Merit x Zoe.’ The movie is currently in the post-production stage and its release date has not been announced yet.

3. Sniff (TBA)

‘Sniff’ is going to mark the collaboration of a stellar cast including Freeman, Al Pacino, Helen Mirren, and Danny DeVito. The thriller film follows the journey of detective Joe Mulwray and his partner William Keys, who investigate a wealthy retirement community, only to find out a hidden underworld of sex, drugs, and murder controlled by kingpin Harvey Stride and his femme fatale enforcer, The Spider. The Taylor Hackford directorial stars Freeman as Mulwray, DeVito as Keys, Pacino as Harvey Stride, and Mirren as The Spider. Although the project is in the filming stage, further updates concerning the progression of the production are unknown.

4. The Little Bedroom (TBA)

‘The Little Bedroom’ is an official remake of the 2010 Swiss film La Petite Chambre. The drama film tells the story of an old man named John, who declines to settle in a retirement home against his son Michael’s wish and also refuses any help from his home nurse, Rose. However, after a fall, he is forced to rely on Rose, and the two form a heartwarming friendship. Freeman will star in the film alongside Kate Mara (‘House of Cards’ and ‘The Martian’) and Laurence Fishburne (John Wick: Chapter 4’ and ‘The Matrix’) but their characters are currently under wraps. The project is helmed by Stéphanie Chuat and Véronique Reymond, the writer-director duo of the original film. The movie is currently in the pre-production stage.

5. Now You See Me 3 (TBA)

The third installment of the magic heist movie franchise ‘Now You See Me,’ this film has been in its pre-production stages since mid-2022. Although the main cast (The Four Horsemen), which includes Jesse Eisenberg, Lizzy Caplan, Woody Harrelson, and Dave Franco, has not yet been confirmed due to their respective projects coming in the way, we can expect to have Eisenberg, Harrelson, and Freeman back in their respective roles (based on the latest updates). As per, Lionsgate’s Motion Picture Group Chair Joe Drake stated that the third film will offer a reimagined take on the franchise and though it sounds intriguing, no other information is available to support this statement. Ruben Fleischer has been roped in to direct the movie whose plot is yet undisclosed. The writers include Seth Grahame-Smith, Gavin James, Michael Lesslie, Eric Warren Singer, Ed Solomon, and Neil Widener, all of whom have some contribution to the script while their current involvement is unknown. Further details are awaited.

6. Hate to See You Go (TBA)

Freeman is also producing and starring in ‘Hate to See You Go,’ a drama film about an aging Chicago Blues musician named Sonny Bell, who, instead of retiring, decides to go on a tour with his band. The actor stars in the film as Bell, along with Common, Bill Burr, Alfre Woodard, and Trevor Jackson. Ben Tishler is at the helm of the film. Tishler wrote the movie with Rob Stone, based on the latter’s experiences touring and playing harmonica with several blues artists. The film was announced in March 2021. However, there haven’t been any further updates about the production ever since.

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