Allie Knox: Where is the Porn Performer Now?

Directed by Suzanne Hillinger as a documentary film that lives up to its title in every way imaginable, Netflix’s ‘Money Shot: The Pornhub Story’ can only be described as bewildering and haunting. That’s because it incorporates interviews with not just activists, historians, and journalists but also employees as well as performers to clearly shine a light upon the adult industry’s harsh reality. Amongst those to thus feature in this production was pornstar Allie Eve Knox — so now, if you wish to learn more about her and her current standing, we’ve got the necessary details for you.

Who is Allie Knox?

It was reportedly back in September 2014 when Atlanta, Georgia native Allie first stepped into the world of explicit erotic entertainment by joining Playboy Live as a camgirl at the tender age of 24. The truth is the admittedly bisexual, sapiosexual, and hyper-sexual youngster had lost her virginity “really, really, really, really young,” driving her to understand its power around that time too. Therefore, once she realized her love for academia over eight years had left her in so much debt she could barely survive despite working, she decided to evolve into a self-driven sex worker.

Allie once explained, “I had two Bachelor’s degrees [in Art and Anthropology] and a Master’s degree [in Archeology]. I would go to work, and by the end of the week, I had ten dollars left [of my paycheck]… I had a lot of student loans… four hours of traffic every day, and I was miserable. Then it was as if the skies had opened, and there was this light… So I started camming at night — on the first day, I made 600 bucks. Six hundred in a few hours, and wow, I thought it was cool!” Though one of the best parts for her was the fact she didn’t ever have to hide what she was doing from her hippie family.

“I’m from a very liberal and understanding family,” Allie said in 2015 itself. “It’s not like my mother is super proud that I’m doing this, but as long as I’m safe and happy, she doesn’t care what I do and she’s going to support that. I’m actually incredibly thankful and lucky.” However, if we’re being honest, her big breakthrough only came in 2016 when it came to light she was a contestant on the pornography-themed reality television series, ‘The Sex Factor.’ From there, the camgirl turned into a full-fledged adult performer to have numerous girl/girl scenes, hardcore shoots, as well as straight romantic films over the years — the number is ostensibly near 30 right now.

Allie Knox is Thriving in Her Career

From what we can tell, although 33-year-old Allie is still primarily based in Texas at the moment, she often travels across the nation for her profession because she remains a proud sex worker to this day. In fact, she is not just a critically acclaimed erotic movie star, but she’s also a cam girl, a clip artist, a model, a content creator, and a producer focusing on nearly all aspects of the industry. She’d actually launched her boutique production company around 2016 itself since she genuinely “wanted to be in the adult business. I wanted to cam, I wanted to film stuff, I wanted to make my own stuff.”

Allie continued, “I wanted to sell my own stuff too, and I wanted to meet fans… I didn’t want to just shoot porn… I’m very business-focused” — something that hasn’t changed to this day. That’s why she has carefully built herself a brand with the help of social media, online streaming, OnlyFans, as well as her website; the fact she takes requests is also a massive part of this. The self-proclaimed “Goddess, Cryptocutie, Artist” doesn’t take DM’s to talk, yet she does fulfill requests upon pay, all the while continuing to work with renowned sex studios and maintaining personal relationships. Plus, of course, she still vehemently defends sex work as her profession and as an industry as a whole.

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