Where Is Rey Rivera’s Wife Today?

Netflix’s ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ takes the whole experience of understanding what happened to an individual to another level. Not only do we get to know all the details from the family and friends of the victims, but we also get a deep insight into their cases from the law enforcement officers who were responsible for it. Plus, the dramatic re-enactment of the scenarios also makes the series more gripping to watch.

Rey Rivera’s mysterious death in 2006 was one of the focal points in the series. The Belvedere Hotel, the lack of video evidence, the inconsistencies, the undetermined cause of death, and the strange circumstances under which all of it happened were all very intriguing. But, his wife’s reactions and her emotions while talking about it, as if it happened just yesterday, was what caught our attention the most. Her strength, her willpower, and her drive for justice made sure that her husband and his case, is something that can never forget.

Who Is Allison Rivera?

Allison Rivera was the newlywed wife of Rey Rivera. They had gotten married just six months before the 32-year-old had mysteriously disappeared and was found dead in the abandoned meeting room at the Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland. The couple had moved to the city in late 2004 so that Rey could work with his friend, Porter Stansberry, as a writer and editor of a financial newsletter.

They had made the move from Southern California because Rey wanted to earn enough money to give Allison the ring and the wedding she deserved. She genuinely believed that the charming and sensitive writer and aspiring filmmaker was her true soulmate. Allison and Rey were in love and happy together, planning to start a family, before her world got turned upside down.

To this day, Allison remembers the last conversation she had with him. It was in person just before she was leaving for a business trip. She had said, “I love you so much,” to which he had replied with, “Thank you for loving me so much.” But that evening, when she tried to call him and he didn’t pick up, she knew something was wrong. She just couldn’t have imagined that it was because he was dead.

Where Is Allison Rivera Now?

After Rey passed away, Allison moved around a bit. She went to Connecticut first, where she worked as a Business Strategy Consultant for DramaSilk for almost two years. Then, she moved to Colorado and worked as a Consultant for a couple of different companies before becoming the president of GIBS Grooming in 2014. She kept that job for almost 5 years, leaving it in 2019.

Currently, Allison Rivera resides in California. She is back to the place she thought of as home before she lost Rey and is happy there, working as the Vice President of Business Development at Boulevard. By focusing on her work, she is dealing with her loss and pain, and although, she is trying to move on from everything that happened, of course, it’s even harder than we imagine it to be.

All we know is that she still has love for the man she lost and that she won’t rest until she finds out the complete truth about what happened to him and gives him some justice. (Featured Image Credit: Unsolved Mysteries / Netflix)

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