Alone Australia Season 1: Where Are The Contestants Now?

‘Alone Australia’ season 1, which premiered on SBS on 29 March 2023, immersed viewers in the rugged wilderness as contestants faced the ultimate test of survival. From the dense forests to the remote landscapes, participants battled the elements and isolation to outlast their competitors. As the season progressed, each contestant contended with the challenges of sourcing food, building shelter, and confronting the solitude of the Australian wilderness, building anticipation for the gripping season finale. Beyond the intense survival scenarios, fans stood curious about the post-show lives of these resilient individuals. What endeavors did they pursue since leaving the wilderness, and how did the experiences of solitude and self-reliance influence their journeys?

Gina Chick Has Continued to Run Her Program

Gina Chick, the winner of season 1, has embraced her victory by becoming the host of the ‘Alone’ season 2 podcast. In a post-show interview with We Are The Explorers, she expressed gratitude for the portrayal of her personality in the edit, highlighting her carefree moments in the moss and dancing barefoot. Gina’s popularity soared, earning recognition from Hugh Jackman, who praised her on social media. Even though the show didn’t win the Logie Award for Most Outstanding Factual or Documentary Program, Gina was designated to give the acceptance speech. Beyond her survival skills, she shared a deeply personal journey on ‘The Imperfects’ podcast, discussing the loss of her daughter, Blaise, at the age of three.

Gina actively participates in red-carpet events, co-hosts ‘The Project’ on Channel 10, and shares her achievements, such as having a billboard. Additionally, she remains dedicated to her Rewild Your Child camp program as the owner of Wild Heart Australia, continuing to impact and inspire others. Gina’s story has also been featured on ‘The Australian Story’ show, and she regularly communicates with her audience through Substack blogs.

Michael Atkinson Has Now Launched an Audiobook

Mike Atkinson, the runner-up of season 1, has settled into a fulfilling life with his wife, Melinda, and their two children, Tom and Zara. A former military pilot, Mike embarked on a week-long hike across the Snowy Mountains in January 2024, showcasing his enduring love for adventure. He has also become a YouTube content creator, sharing his jungle escapades with a growing audience. Adding another dimension to his online presence, Mike has been hosting the ‘Survival and Adventure’ podcast since September 2023, where solo adventurers join him to share their diverse experiences.

His passion for survival skills has led him to collaborate with Clay Hayes, ‘Alone’ season 8 winner, and his family on their annual elk camp, fostering a sense of camaraderie within the survival community. Further expanding his reach, Mike recorded an audiobook for his publication, ‘Modern-Day Castaway.’ The Atkinson family, which includes their loyal companion Ollie, a dog, contributes to Mike’s dynamic and adventurous lifestyle.

Mike Wallace Keeps His Life Private

Michael Wallace, a bush regenerator and member of Narellan Anglican Church, has seamlessly reintegrated into his family life after his journey on ‘Alone Australia.’ In June 2023, the 43-year-old organized a wilderness trip to assist Jimmy, potentially for the next season of ‘Alone Australia.’ Fellow contestant, Chris also joined them for a reunion in the wild. Since returning to his family, which includes his wife Paula, and children- Sam and Charlotte  – Michael has discovered a renewed appreciation for his relationships.

In an interview with Eternity News, he mentioned the positive impact on his domestic life, stating, “Since being back, I’ve been cooking a lot more. I’ve got a renewed appreciation for food as well. Instead of once a month, I cook more like once or twice a week now!” In contrast to the spotlight of social media, Michael does not actively engage on online platforms. This deliberate move allows him to cherish the simplicity of his daily experiences and maintain a focus on family and personal connections.

Kate Grarock is Still The Expedition Leader

Kate Grarock, an Environmental Scientist, Hiker, Filmmaker, and Speaker, continues to thrive in her multifaceted roles. Serving as an expedition leader at Bush Blitz, Kate explores remote parts of Australia. She remains dedicated to discovering new species of plants and animals. Beyond her scientific pursuits, Kate is actively involved in brand partnerships, video and content production, TV, radio presenting, and keynote speaking. Arc’teryx Australia & New Zealand recognized her expertise and invited her to be a featured speaker.

Despite personal challenges, such as the passing of her grandmother in 2023, Kate remains resilient and committed to her mission. In her personal life, Kate shares her journey with her partner Elsie, with whom she got engaged in November 2020. The couple now has a daughter, and they navigate the joys of parenthood together. Additionally, Kate engages with her audience through episode recaps of ‘Alone Australia’ on her YouTube channel, offering insights into her experiences and promoting a deeper connection with nature.

Chris Bakon Continues to Spread Awareness About Mental Health

Chris Bakon, known as the “Tassie Adventure Man,” has extended his presence beyond season 1. Collaborating with Tascast Fishing Adventures and the ‘Best Ever Food Review’ Show, he showcases his adventurous spirit. Chris is not just about exploration; he has become a mental health advocate, particularly for PTSD. Having personally experienced the journey of acknowledging and accepting PTSD after 15 years, he emphasizes the importance of speaking up early, recognizing symptoms, and seeking medical help.

In 2023, he demonstrated his commitment by donating over $5000. Chris has also shared his insights on mental health in a podcast, appearing on ‘Shit’s Gone Sideways Pod.’ His social media feed is a visual delight, featuring captivating images of giant crayfish, abalone, and flatheads, reflecting his passion for the outdoors.

Duane Byrnes is a Painter Too

Duane Byrnes, an environmental officer, and recreational surfer, has found fulfillment in various facets of life post-season 1. Besides his professional commitments with WaterNSW, Duane coaches the Thirroul Butchers junior rugby league team, specifically contributing as one of the Under-7s coaches. Beyond his environmental work and sports involvement, Duane has discovered a passion for painting under the name Jarlina Art. He shares his artistic creations with the world through social media.

Duane’s family, comprising his wife Lauran and their two children, Jarli and Alina, are avid adventure enthusiasts. Recently, they embarked on a 10-day van trip without a set plan, visiting and crossing ancestral lands of nine different nation groups. This journey showcases their love for exploration and connection with their heritage. Duane and his family continue to lead a dynamic and fulfilling life, blending environmental stewardship, sports coaching, artistic expression, and family adventures.

Peter Athanassiou Continues to Lead an Adventurous Life

Peter Athanassiou, a Professional Australian Hunting Guide and owner at Local Wildlife Services, continues to lead an adventurous life in Sydney, Australia. Living with his partner, Alexandra Ally Athanassiou, they share the joy of parenting two daughters, Dimitra and Athena. Despite the thrill of his professional pursuits, Peter’s focus on family is evident, regularly expressing his love for them. In April 2023, he undertook a challenging 50km hill climb over three days, showcasing his penchant for outdoor adventures. Peter seems to prefer keeping the details of his life relatively private, as he maintains a low profile on social media.

Jimmy Lassaline Has Started a New Job

Jimmy Lassaline faced a short-lived journey on ‘Alone Australia,’ spending only two days on the show before contracting COVID-19 and having to leave. In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, Jimmy expressed his desire to stay longer and even revealed that he suggested returning to a different spot. However, logistical challenges prevented this option. Undeterred, he expressed a willingness to participate again if given another chance, indicating that beating his initial two-day stint would bring satisfaction.

Post-show, Jimmy showcased his creative side by crafting a fiddle and a mandolin, and he invested time in learning how to play them. Jimmy has also diversified his interests by catching crabs from the sea. More recently, he made a move to Western Australia for a new job, although specific details about the position remain undisclosed. Jimmy’s resilience and determination continue to shape his journey, marked by a blend of creativity, outdoor activities, and a willingness to embrace new opportunities.

Beck Henog Stays Away From Limelight

Image Credit: Kristy O’Connor/Facebook

Beck Henog serves as a high school teacher. She also holds the role of the matriarch in her family, which includes her partner, four children, and grandchildren. Despite facing challenges with rough, wet conditions on the show and quitting out on day 2, Beck has since chosen to live a private life. Her friends’ posts offer glimpses of her, even though she uses social media privately. Beck continues to navigate her post-survival journey with a focus on family and a more private lifestyle.

Rob Kelly Has Chosen To Live a Quiet Life

Rob Kelly, a Planning & Environmental Manager, was the first to end his journey in season 1 because of the difficult conditions and missing his family. Since then, he has chosen to live a quiet life away from social media. While specific details about his current endeavors are not disclosed, well-wishes are extended to him for success in whatever pursuits he is undertaking.

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