Alone Season 8 Sign Up: Where and How to Join the Cast?

Alone Season 8 Casting

History Channel’s ‘Alone’ documents the journey of 10 individuals as they are dropped on separate remote locations with a few pieces of equipment to survive the extreme challenges in the wilderness. The one who outlasts the other contestants wins a grand cash prize. So far, the reality show has spawned seven remarkable seasons. Now, if you think you have got what it takes to be a part of the show and embark upon an adventure of a lifetime, you are at the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about the casting process of the next season, i.e., ‘Alone’ season 8!

How is the Casting of Alone done?

While looking for potential contestants, the casting department goes through tons of applications, and for the basis of selection, they look for the ones whose profile stands out despite the stiff competition. Here are some basic requirements! The self-reliance experts must list down the skills and experience they possess for surviving the wild adventure. And by skills, I don’t mean just the physical endurance, as mental strength is an equally important asset to brave the extreme physical and psychological conditions of the wilderness.

The application must be loaded with relevant information that demonstrates the competency of the candidate with regards to communication via filming, approach to the dangers in the wild, self-sufficiency, and most important thing, transparency. Listing down how good one is with filming, adds to his/her chances of getting shortlisted, as the show requires the contestants to document their whole journey. If an application seems interesting, the team might scour through the social media platforms to corroborate the facts mentioned and also to decipher if the personality can add to the entertaining factor of the show. The applicants must ensure that they’re truthful and do not boast about stuff they are not adept at doing, or don’t possess the qualities for.

As far as recasting the former contestants is concerned, the casting team does thorough research of the previous contestants’ standing on social media and their popularity across all platforms. People who got pulled out because of a medical emergency or whether for whatever reason they deserve a shot at redemption, are considered for another round.

Where to Sign Up for Alone’s Casting?

Well, you don’t have to belong to a particular category to qualify for applying for the show. It doesn’t matter if you are an adventurer, homesteader, bush-crafter, or a person with a regular job. If you believe you’re fit enough for the competition, shoot your shot by dropping an application on the official email –, that states your name, age, profession, current contact information, address, and a short description about your survival abilities and experience with surviving in the wild!

If your profile checks off all the boxes, you might get a chance to be on the show! If not, there’s always a next time! But remember, “Survival is a matter of self-reliance that cannot be faked.” So, authenticity is the key.

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