Where Was Alone (2020) Filmed?

In the directorial hands of John Hyams, ‘Alone’ follows the harrowing journey of Jessica, a recently widowed woman who becomes the target of a relentless and cunning predator while on a solo road trip. As Jessica sets out on a remote highway, she crosses paths with a mysterious man in a pickup truck, whose friendly demeanor soon gives way to sinister intentions. As she encounters the unnerving man again and again, Jessica realizes that she is being followed, and finds herself captured before she can reach out for help. Making a desperate scramble, Jessica escapes from the remote cottage only to rush into a vast forest with the psychopathic killer in close pursuit.

Forced to rely on her wits and resourcefulness to evade capture, the terrified woman is engaged in a deadly game of cat and mouse with her pursuer. The riveting 2020 thriller is a remake of the 2011 Swedish film ‘Gone.’ The film’s setting plays a crucial role in amplifying the sense of isolation and vulnerability experienced by the protagonist. Against the backdrop of sprawling forests and desolate highways, Jessica’s predicament is magnified. With the vastness and unpredictability of the landscapes seen in the film playing into much of the suspense, one may ponder where filming for the movie actually took place.

Alone Filming Locations

The shooting for ‘Alone’ was carried out across various sites in Portland, Estacada, and Mount Hood National Forest in the state of Oregon. Principal photography for the film began in April 2018 and was wrapped up by May 6, 2018. The cast and crew seemed to have had a wonderful time shooting the thriller, especially the action scenes, which required the actors to be covered in mud. “If you zoom in on my face it will show you just how much fun I had on this shoot with Marc Menchaca,” wrote actress Jules Willcox in the caption of an image she shared on social media. Let us take a closer look at the specific sites and locales seen in the movie.

Portland, Oregon

The city of Portland served as one of the filming locations for ‘Alone,’ providing a cinematic backdrop for a few scenes in the film. When Jessica begins her road trip, she crosses over a picturesque suspension bridge. This bridge is actually the St. Johns Bridge that spans the Willamette River, connecting North and Northwest Portland.

Estacada, Oregon

Situated 30 miles southeast of Portland, Estacada played a significant role in the filming of ‘Alone,’ serving as a crucial setting for pivotal moments in the story. With its rugged terrain and picturesque vistas, Estacada provided an evocative backdrop for the protagonist’s encounters with the deranged killer. The town’s remote and secluded atmosphere heightens the tension and sense of isolation experienced by Jessica, amplifying the suspense and intensity of the narrative. The situation begins to heat up when Jessica is approached by the creepy stalker at a gas station. That particular station is located at 376 South East Main Street, Estacada.

Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon

Formerly known as Oregon National Forest, Mount Hood National Forest, with its breathtaking landscapes and untamed wilderness, became a stunning backdrop for the adrenaline-fueled sequences of ‘Alone.’ The woodland’s dense foliage, towering trees, and rugged terrain add to Jessica’s desperate fight-or-flight situation in the wilderness. As Jessica navigates the treacherous terrain of the forest, she confronts not only the physical challenges of survival but also the psychological toll of her ordeal.

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