Where is Althia From Hoarders Season 11 Episode 3 Now?

The 11th, ongoing season of A&E’s ‘Hoarders’ has featured some really interesting cases of people obsessed with hoarding unnecessary stuff within their spaces. And among the eight families featured this season, one of the names is Althia, who is the subject of focus in the third episode. As it appears, her consistent need to hoard things has led to both emotional and financial distress for the woman. As a result, her family and friends team up to help her in changing her life altogether.

Althia has multiple vehicles piled up inside her residential property. As a result, she has been subjected to heavy fines. In fact, her home has no breathing space, thanks to the tons of building materials, which even includes a 60-foot semi-trailer! Althia had once dreamed of building a 5000 square foot house. Now, her home is unfinished and contains scattered inventory, left unsold and unused, following her husband’s untimely death.

Althia is Unable to Get a Grip on Her House

In the sneak peek released by A&E, we witness a property that looks all good from the outside — at first glance. But as the cameras go inside, we see the real scene. There are items piled up almost in every corner of Althia’s 5000 square foot property and she is heard saying: “This house is overwhelming. I just can’t get a grip on it.”

There are additional appearances from Althia’s family and close ones, with one of them saying that each object inside the premises has a story behind it. As a result, managing so many things and having to see them every day prove overwhelming for the aged owner.

Althia is Not Ready to Move On

However, as the ‘Hoarders’ crew steps in to help Althia, she not only gets emotional but also a bit confrontational. She is so shaken that she says: “I can’t do this. It is killing me.” But the team persists, insisting that they are only here to lend a helping hand. Althia’s family tries their best to convince her, explaining that some of the useless pieces of stuff need to go and she must move on.

After much coercing, Althia is eventually ready to allow the ‘Hoarders’ team to aid her in changing her life. There are a lot of tears as the crew finally starts cleaning up her home. But the task is easier said than done. The whole property is packed with uncountable numbers of boxes, discarded vehicles, and knick-knacks scattered everywhere! For a detailed view of how Althia’s house looks before the clean-up, you can check out the official clip for the episode below:

As you can already guess, episode 3 is a dramatic one! It is typical of most hoarders to go back to their hoarding lifestyle since that’s what comforts them. As of today, we haven’t been able to locate Alitha but out hope is that Alitha has been able to take control of her life after all the mess that she was in.

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