Amanda and Razvan from 90 Day Fiance: All We Know About the Duo

While ’90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days’ follows US couples in love with foreign nationals, the show documents the events leading up to the foreign partner’s arrival on US soil. Similarly, Season 6 of the spin-off show introduced us to United States native Amanda and her Romanian boyfriend, Razvan Ciocoi. While Amanda and Razvan appeared to have a pretty strong bond, there is always a difference in customs and habits that cross-border couples have to take care of. Moreover, fans are also eager to find out if the pair can deal with the geographical distance between themselves. Well, let’s jump in and find out everything about Amanda and Razvan, shall we?

From Louisiana to Romania: Amanda and Razvan’s Roots

Amanda is a 31-year-old single mother of two from Eunice, Louisiana. While on the show, she mentioned that although she was happily married and welcomed two sons with her previous husband, Jason, she lost the love of her life to cancer shortly before filming for season 6 commenced. His sudden and tragic demise left Amanda completely broken, and she had no idea how to get back on her feet or take care of her children. Moreover, her children missed their father dearly, making matters worse. Still, with the help of her family, especially her sister, Amanda regained control of her life and embraced her motherly duties.

On the other hand, Razvan is a Romanian native who earns a living as an actor and a social media entertainer. Interestingly, he came across as an amicable and down-to-earth individual who occasionally resorts to silliness if it makes his loved ones laugh. Moreover, since he lived alone, Razvan slowly picked up homemaking skills, including cooking, which made him even more eligible as a partner. However, his charm, goofiness, and sense of humor drew Amanda to him.

Amanda and Razvan: How Did They Meet?

When Jason passed away, Amanda decided to keep herself distracted by watching random videos on social media. One night, Amanda joined her friend’s live stream where she was doing a challenge on TikTok. However, while her friend kept winning, the guy who lost seemed genuine and took the defeat in good spirits. On top of it, Amanda found it cute when the guy tried to be silly to cover up his loss. Hence, she later sent him a rose on TikTok, and the person on the other end introduced himself as Razvan.

Naturally, it did not take long for Amanda and Razvan to build a rapport, and they found themselves talking to each other through texts for days. Besides, when the US native finally built up the courage to send her picture to Razvan, the latter marveled at her beauty and expressed a desire to start dating. Amanda, still recovering from losing her husband, hesitated for a while as she did not know if dating would be the right step forward. However, once Razvan began helping her through her dark and depressing moments, the US native knew that he was the one who could keep her happy. Hence, the two eventually got together and were dating for four months while filming.

Amanda and Razvan: Navigating Relationship Challenges

Even though Amanda and Razvan appear to be the perfect couple, they must navigate a rocky road to reach their happily ever after. While the former is wholly dedicated to her motherly duties and considers her children her number one priority, she has never discussed it with him. Hence, the Romanian native must decide if he is ready to become a step-father this early into a relationship. On the other hand, Razvan must also deal with Amanda’s grief and be okay with knowing that Jason will always be her first and most precious love.

Meanwhile, Razvan’s acting profession might become an obstacle between him and Amanda, as the work often requires him to film intimate scenes with other actresses. However, this does not sit well with her, who even expressed her displeasure with the kind of films he takes on. Nevertheless, if the two decide to lean on each other and work their way through the differences, we see no reason they cannot be happy for the rest of their lives.

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