Amanda and Kornel: Love Never Lies Poland S2 Couple Has Separated

In season 2 of Netflix’s ‘Love Never Lies: Poland,’ the viewers witness many heartbreaks, reconciliations, and revelations. In a show based on truth and loyalty, the participating couples walk an arduous path in order to strengthen their relationship, though not everyone is entirely successful in this mission. For Amanda Nowak and Kornel Dobrowolski, the show brought up many hidden feelings and secrets that were never meant to come out. Needless to say, the world has become curious about where they are these days.

Amanda and Kornel’s Love Never Lies: Poland Journey

When Amanda Nowak and Kornel Dobrowolski entered the Netflix show, they were engaged to be married and entered the show to prove their love was real. However, their time on the show certainly did not start well when, thanks to the EyeDetect test, it was revealed that Kornel had been physically intimate with someone during the couple’s trip to Majorca, Spain. Though he claimed that it was just an exotic dancer who had given him a lap dance during a bachelor party, Amanda could not help but feel betrayed.

Not long after, the couple had to part ways, and Kornel was introduced to Iwona. As time went on, Kornel and Iwona seemingly grew closer, with them even sharing a kiss. The intimate nature of their relationship infuriated Amanda. Already unsure about her future, Amanda was further heartbroken when another EyeDetect test revealed that Kornel had been intimate with someone else during the past three years. Furious by what she had learned, Amanda declared herself angry beyond belief and even took off her engagement ring.

Things between Amanda and Kornel did not get better after this. The two had to swap villas, and Kornel saw Amanda taking off her ring. Knowing how much he had hurt his partner, Kornel hoped that things might become better between them. However, after Amanda was introduced to Maciek, she told him to treat her like she was a single woman. Indeed, the connection between Amanda and Maciek blossomed to a level where the former realized that what she was feeling with him was genuine and not just a way to get back at Kornel.

Amanda also confessed that being with Maciek made her feel more confident and feminine. She claimed that she had made many sacrifices to be with Kornel and wanted to find herself again. While Kornel seemed receptive to all of this, he also became angry when he learned that Amanda had walked into the shower while Maciek was in and was fantasizing about being with him physically. While the couple’s reunion was not exactly a warm one, they did seem willing to work on things together. Due to the fact that they had only told the truth three times during the experiment, they landed at the bottom of the competition.

Amanda and Kornel Are No Longer Together

Amanda Nowak and Kornel Dobrowolski’s time after ‘Love Never Lies: Poland’ season 2 was an intense emotional roller coaster. They initially tried to make things work but soon realized that they were apparently arguing too much in order to justify it with being in love. Despite their considerable feelings towards each other, they wanted the hurt to end and decided to call it quits. Not long after their exit from the show, Amanda apparently gave her relationship with Maciek another chance, a development that did not sit well with Kornel.

However, after three months of dating, Amanda and Maciek decided to end things between them. The break-up occurred after a week of no communication between them, and they decided to end it on amicable terms. However, during the season 2 reunion, Maciek expressed his suspicions that Maanda may have been seeing another bachelor from the show named Dominik at the same time that she was dating him, though Amanda did not seem to agree with the assessment. She agreed that she had been with Dominik for some time, but things between them had also ended.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Kornel and Iwona had also remained in touch, and while they had not entered a relationship, they were indeed texting at one point. The two then met each other in a group setting, and both parties agreed that they had shared a good night’s kiss but asserted that that was all that had ever happened between them. For all intents and purposes, things between Amanda and Korenel are far from amicable, though they do not seem to hold any grudges towards each other’s partners from the show.

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