Paulina and Ania: Are the Love Never Lies Poland S2 Winners Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Love Never Lies: Poland’ makes use of a lie detector method called the EyeDetect Test to see just how truthful the participants are when confronted with hard questions. The couples who do take part in the show hope to either resolve their issues or end their relationship for good, depending on just how things unfold. For Paulina and Ania, the winners of season 2, the task was far from easy. Given their on-screen struggles, fans have been curious about whether or not the two are still with each other.

Paulina and Ania’s Love Never Lies: Poland Journey

When Paulina and Ania entered the Netflix series, they wanted to resolve some of their fears and concerns regarding their relationship. For Pauliana, this was the first time ever that she had dated a woman, something that often made Ania pause and wonder just how serious Paulina was about her. The latter’s reluctance to be openly expressive about her feelings often contributed to their issues. Meanwhile, Paulina did have concerns about her partner’s behavior, especially the fact that she had once cheated in a relationship, though Ania emphasized that it was almost a decade ago.

After Paulina and Ania were separated, the latter was introduced to Perelka/Paulina. Ania’s openness with the lady in question might have made some people stop and wonder, but Paulina chose to trust her connection with Ania at the start. Things did take a turn when Paulina was later shown clips of Ania getting immensely drunk, and her actions after that seemed to upset Paulina. She commented how she was not a massive fan of how her partner behaved when inebriated, even wondering how she was supposed to introduce Ania to her mother if that is how she behaved.

That said, the experiment also allowed Paulina to know that Ania wanted to hear more verbal confirmations of the former’s feelings. It was also revealed that Ania often hid her tears from her partner, which upset Paulina as well. The time then came for the cast members to switch villas, and Paulina was introduced to a man named Dominick. The conversations that happened between the two made Ania wonder once more if Paulina really wanted to be in a relationship with a woman.

During one memorable conversation, Paulina told Dominik that she wanted to have kids in the future, something that shocked Ania as she was under the impression that the opposite was true. Despite the doubts that swirled in their minds, Paulina and Ania’s reunion was sweet. The two candidly opened up about their willingness to continue their relationship, with Paulina especially stating that she was indeed serious about their relationship. Due to the fact that the couple had only lied once throughout the experiment, they were declared the winners.

Paulina and Ania Now Live Together

Following their time on the show, Paulina and Ania seemingly had to overcome various hurdles, especially when it came to soothing the issues that the show helped them realize the existence of. During the reunion episode of season 2, the two confirmed that though the path was not easy, they have remained together throughout and are looking forward to what life brings next. In fact, the winners of ‘Love Never Lies: Poland’ season 2 now live together.

Based in Warsaw, Poland, Paulina and Ania seem very delighted about the new chapter in their lives. Not only did they give the viewers a tour of their home, but they also provided a glimpse into the domestic bliss that they now seem to be enjoying. While the two prefer to lead a private life when it comes to social media, they have remained thankful for all the support that the world has shown them.

Adding to the significant steps that the winners have taken when it comes to their relationship, they actually decided to deposit a certain amount of their winnings into a joint account, indicating their trust and seriousness towards one another. Moreover, Paulina has started being more open about expressing her love for Ania, which the latter appreciates very much. Ania has also met Paulina’s mother at least twice, and the meetings seem to have ended well for all the parties involved.

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