Amanda Taylor: Squid Game Player 19 is Now an HR Manager

Forming correct alliances in the face of the task presented by Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge‘ is essential. After all, the competition is not only about how well one can do at the games but also takes into consideration how well you mesh with others without ruffling feathers before necessary. While some are indeed able to find this sweet spot in the ‘Squid Game‘ inspired series, others find themselves succumbing to the brutal nature of the show.

For Amanda Taylor, AKA Player 019, the Netflix series presented a unique opportunity to make use of her skills in order to get herself as far into the competition as possible. Her strategy at the start seemed to be laying low and going through the tasks without grabbing much attention. However, that did not mean that she did not form meaningful connections in the dormitory, though she seemed less than eager to show her hand early on.

When the time called for it, Amanda knew exactly what form of alliances to choose in order to ensure that she and her friends moved on in the competition. Never to be underestimated, the competitor gave it her all and earned several fans thanks to her highly impressive on-screen performance. As such, it is highly understandable just why her supporters are highly curious to learn more about her and her current whereabouts.

Where is Amanda Taylor Now?

Even when Amanda Taylor entered the Netflix show, she knew that there might be some who might underestimate her simply because of preconceived notions. “I think when people first meet me, they always think, ‘Oh, she’s a bimbo.’ I’m always always underestimated,” she explained. “When I tell people I was a weapon engineer in the Royal Navy, they’re like, ‘What? Really?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, why not? Why wouldn’t I be?'”

Now based in Liverpool, England, Amanda works as an HR Manager and is seemingly well-versed in exactly how to climb up the work ladder in an efficient manner. That said, she did share a funny story about how some people had perceived her in her workplace. “I turned up one day with a pink suitcase and a glitter dress, and they actually bet that I wouldn’t last longer than a week, and I ended up in charge,” she recalled. “It wasn’t something I went out actively looking for or to do. It was just, I think, a part of my personality. I respect people, and I’ve got a good eye for what’s right and wrong, what we should be doing, making good decisions, and I get stuck in.”

Confident in her abilities, Amanda’s on-screen journey was certainly an impressive one, especially when it came to rallying people behind a cause. Her efforts helped shape the outcome of season 1 in a significant way. Still on good terms with fellow contestants like Bee and Mothi, she seems to be living life to the fullest. Recently, the contestant even traveled to Paris, France, to visit the Eiffel Tower and is certainly proud of her reality TV debut.

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