Amazing Race Season 3: Where Are They Now?

The Amazing Race‘ on CBS is a reality show that tests contestants’ spontaneity and adventurous spirit. They travel around the world in teams of two while completing tasks and combining blood, sweat, and tears for their moment of victory. Season 3 featured several bold duos that were well-liked by the audience. After all these years, they amassed a good fan following, and some still have a dedicated fan base. If you want to learn more about their lives and what they might be up to, here’s all you need to know.

Where Are John Vito & Jill Aquilino Now?

John and Jill were a couple who appeared on the show and slowly and steadily became fan favorites. Later, they even competed in ‘The Amazing Race: All-Stars.’ After their Singapore trip’s failure, the duo secured rank five on their first attempt. After the show, the couple parted ways and moved ahead. From what we can tell, John is currently based in New York, where he leads a private life and keeps away from social media. On the other hand, Jill is married to David Walton, and they both seemingly reside in Brooklyn, New York. As of now, she is a mother of two beautiful boys and spends time with her family, cherishing every day.

Where Are Derek Riker and Drew Riker Now?

Derek and Drew were the twins who had all the ladies swooning for them. They were young, athletic, and fast, which led to them being in the fourth position. Both the Riker siblings now live in Los Angeles, California, where they work as Directors and Photographers for models and celebrities. The duo was featured on Angeleno’s cover, showcasing their journey of transitioning from models to photographers.

Derek and Drew Riker’s portfolio depicts their brilliant collaborations with big names in the industry, such as Liam Hemsworth and Rami Malek. Chris Prat, Brett Young, Mark Wahlberg, and Justin Hartley. They have kept their dating lives under wraps but still have a large fan following, with literal fan pages dedicated to them.

Where Are Ken Duphiney and Gerard Duphiney Now?

Ken and Gerard, two wholesome and robust brothers, stole everyone’s heart on the show. Their journey ended when they struggled to find a taxi, and they came third. Ken now spends his days in New York and donates to multiple foundations and organizations. On the other hand, Gerald is now a Financial Advisor and CFP at Duphiney Financial Network. He’s currently married and possibly lives in Parsippany, New Jersey. Both brothers prefer privacy and do not share their personal details with the public eye.

Where Are Teri Slivers Pollack and Ian Pollack Now?

Teri and Ian were a couple who exhibited the true strength of a married duo with kids. They were close to victory but had to settle for the second position after a mishap in Seattle. Yet, the two were the oldest team to finish the race and became fan favorites who also appeared in the third season and ‘The Amazing Race: All-Stars.’

Image Credit: Ian Pollack/Facebook

We are happy to report that the Pollacks are still married and reportedly share a home in Jupiter, Florida. Ian is now a retired Commander of Police Special Operations and is the CEO of Iris, Inc., his private investigative agency specializing in medical malpractice and nursing home abuse. Proud parents to two sons, Teri and Ian enjoy their lives together and still engage in adventurous activities.

Where Are Florinka “Flo” Pesenti and Zachary Golden “Zach” Behr Now?

Best friends Flo and Zach had the best chemistry on the show, which resulted in them being crowned as their winners. Since the show ended, Flo has built a new life in New York with her two beautiful children, Everett and Emilia. As reports suggest, she is employed at MacAndrews & Forbes as their Vice President of Public Relations and is currently in a relationship with Dan Abrams, a TV Anchor. Meanwhile, Flo’s teammate and friend, Zach, is a father of one and married to Elyse Steinberg, a documentary filmmaker. Interestingly, the accomplished Executive Producer is the Vice President of The History Channel and also has an Emmy to his name.

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