Amazing Race Season 7: Where Are The Contestants Now?

Created by Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster, CBS ‘The Amazing Race’ is a long-running reality TV show that features multiple teams who may be friends, family members, spouses, lovers, or even coworkers as they compete against one another by performing tasks and using clues to go on in the race. The team that succeeds in the challenges at different places and advances may receive benefits like travel tickets and other items.

A $1 million grand prize is awarded to the winning team. The series has been a massive success for CBS, and because of its ever-expanding fan base, it intrigued us to divulge the details regarding the current whereabouts of the stars of season 7. Here is all the information you require if you are curious about what the season 7 cast members have been up to recently.

Where Are Joyce Agu and Uchenna Agu Now?

The ‘Amazing Race’ Season 7’s competition featured 11 teams, including the season’s winners, Uchenna and Joyce. They were a married couple from Houston, Texas. Though the pair split after the show, they have remained friends. Joyce worked as a Sales Manager, and Uchenna was an Energy Broker before joining the CBS reality competition series cast. After the finale, Joyce told People, “We’ve been struggling to pay those in vitro bills off for so long, so now we have an opportunity to try it one last time. If it doesn’t work, we are open now — after seeing all these kids around the world that would just love to have a home — to the possibility (of adopting).”

Uchenna is currently employed as a Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, assisting individuals in making positive changes in their lives. He has also appeared in the films ‘Push,’ ‘Destinies,’ and ‘Krazy Meets Karma.’ On the other hand, Joyce was cast in ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation.’ In 2014, it was said that she was working on her memoir, although it hasn’t been released yet. Nonetheless, Uchenna has established a strong online presence across practically all social media channels, whereas Joyce has maintained a low profile, having just an inactive Facebook account.

Where Are Amber Brkich and Rob Mariano Now?

Amber Brkich and Rob Mariano appeared on the show as an engaged couple deeply in love. Their great teamwork helped them earn the position of runners-up. Before appearing on the show, Amber and Rob appeared on, ‘Survivor,’ where both reality TV personalities made a name for themselves. Amber and Rob both had appeared on multiple seasons of ‘Survivor,’ with Rob winning ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ and Amber winning ‘Survivor: All-Stars.’ The pair met on the ‘Survivor: All-Stars’ show, got engaged in 2004, and later married in 2005.

After their marriage, Amber and Rob moved to Pensacola, Florida. They have four daughters: Lucia Rose, Carina Rose, Isabetta Rose, and Adelina Rose. They all are members of the Catholic Church. Mariano served as the Player Operator and Narrator for the UPN reality show ‘The Player in 2004. ‘Sci-Fi Investigates,’ a six-week science fiction program, starred Mariano as a co-host. The program explores Voodoo, Roswell, The Afterlife, Mothman, Bigfoot, and Paranormal Hotspots.

Where Are Kelly McCorkle and Ron Young, Jr. Now?

Ron and Kelly were already dating one another before they joined the team. Former Iraq War POW student and motivational speaker Ron was from Lithia Springs, Georgia. As opposed, Kelly, a legislative correspondent from Greenville, South Carolina, was crowned Miss South Carolina in 2002. The ex-couple did not part ways on the show itself, but their relationship seemed short-lived after the show. The couple revealed the development of their relationship and how it was presented on the show in an interview with TV Guide. When asked about their relationship status after the show, Kelly said, “We’re just good friends. I think people in the race could see that we had some communication issues. Ron and I are on different paths in our lives.”

Kelly is currently married to Dr. Scott Parkinson, a Senior Pastor in Tennessee. One of their five lovely children was adopted from India. The pair established LOFT 218: Rise Up and Build as a non-profit in India. Moreover, Kelly released her book “He Knows Her Name,” which details her adoption journey. Furthermore, she actively assists people in achieving their health objectives and positively changing their lives. On the other hand, Ron has kept a low profile on social media. He allegedly participated in a dispute over the network of casual dining restaurants Red Lobster Hospitality LLC.

Where Are Gretchen Smith and Meredith Smith Now?

Gretchen is a licensed nurse and a former flight attendant. A mother of two, she spends her free time cooking, bicycling, gardening, and playing golf. Gretchen prides herself on being sociable, dependable, and kind. From Easton, Maryland, Meredith and Gretchen are a husband-and-wife duo who appeared on the show. The latter is a retired flight attendant, while Meredith is a retired executive.

Both discovered love later in life and are working hard to compensate for the lost time. A retired executive, Meredith enjoys fishing, motorcycling, golfing, and instructing swimming. Meredith, a swimming enthusiast and father of three boys, has won seven National Seniors Swimming Championship championships.

Where Are Alex Ali and Lynn Warren Now?

Lynn & Alex are a couple from West Hollywood, California. Both Lynn and Alex worked as executive assistants. They signed up for the show to put their love to the test as they approached their fourth anniversary. Alex is currently the CEO and founder of The SOCIETY Group, a public relations and experiential marketing agency that aids properties and companies in locating their audience globally. They have created movie trailers for $100 million mansions that went viral, transformed open houses into Instagram museums, and organized immersive events that all helped sell The Playboy Mansion and over $10 billion in luxury properties. He was the winner of Entrepreneur 360 Most Innovative Companies in 2016.

Lynn Warren started a successful PR firm, L&A PR, in 2008. He has worked in the entertainment industry for over a decade and in nearly every capacity. He started as an Associate Producer for ‘Modern Girl’s Guide to Life’ on E!/Style Network, then on to casting positions at Bunim-Murray, September Films, and on-air correspondent work for ‘The Insider.’ He has appeared in ‘Most Annoying People 2009,’ ‘Real Gay,’ ‘The Gossip Queens,’ and the ‘2006 Glitter Awards.’ The two are still happily married, and we wish them the best.

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