Are Amber and Dave From MAFS Still a Couple?

Amber Martorana and Dave Flaherty’s union unfolded in the captivating realm of Lifetime’s ‘Married at First Sight’ season 7. As the pair navigated the complexities of arranged matrimony, viewers were treated to a rollercoaster of conflicting opinions, insecurities, and a resilient determination to make their unconventional marriage work. While the challenges of their ‘MAFS’ experience were visible, the enduring question remained: Are Amber and Dave still together in the aftermath of their televised marriage experiment?

Amber and Dave’s Struggles Began to Surface Early in Their Marriage

Dave Flaherty, a portfolio manager and former basketball player, and Amber Martorana, a senior division order analyst, embarked on their MAFS journey in 2018. From the outset, it was evident that their union would be anything but ordinary. Dave, sharing his thoughts with a friend, expressed optimism but acknowledged the existence of both striking similarities and significant differences between him and Amber. The couple’s struggles began to surface early in their marriage, providing viewers with a front-row seat to the intricacies of their evolving relationship.

The first sparks flew when Dave revealed his celebrity crush, actress Jessica Biel, inadvertently triggering Amber’s insecurities about her appearance. The revelation set the stage for a series of clashes, with Amber questioning her adequacy in Dave’s eyes. A subsequent disagreement arose when Dave suggested a change in Amber’s hair color, expressing concern about hair loss. This innocent suggestion initiated accusations from Amber, who felt Dave was trying to mold her into a specific type. The tension escalated further when Dave assigned his wife a numerical rating of 7.5 in a candid assessment, unraveling another layer of discord in their newly formed union.

The complexities of their relationship continued to unravel as insecurities resurfaced over seemingly trivial matters, such as Dave’s comment on Amber’s perfume being “overpowering.” Each episode brought forth a new layer of their dynamic, showcasing the hurdles they faced and the resilience that fueled their commitment. In the realm of ‘Married at First Sight’ where decisions on the future of these marriages are laid bare on Decision Day, Amber and Dave faced a crucial crossroads. Despite the challenges and conflicts, the couple made the surprising choice to stay together, opting to navigate the tumultuous terrain of matrimony hand in hand.

Amber Martorana and Dave Flaherty Have Separated

The enigmatic journey of Amber Martorana and Dave Flaherty continued beyond the confines of televised matrimony, where viewers witnessed their struggles, conflicts, and the eventual unraveling of their union. The post-show chapter revealed a tale of divorce, self-discovery, and unexpected love. In December 2018, the reverberations of their separation echoed through social media, as Amber took to Instagram to confirm the dissolution of their marriage. Despite tough moments and differences, she expressed gratitude for the lessons learned and wished Dave well. On the reunion episode of ‘MAFS,’ Amber conveyed her desire to fight for marriage, but Dave was not aligned with the same sentiments.

The cracks in their compatibility became more apparent, leading to Amber moving out without prior communication, signaling the irreparable nature of their relationship. The emotional rollercoaster persisted as Amber shared her reflections on the relationship, acknowledging personal growth and a willingness to reconcile. However, Dave, navigating tough months, expressed skepticism about the possibility of reconciliation. Both affirmed their enduring bond forged through the unique ‘MAFS’ experience, a bond that transcended the challenges they faced. While Amber expressed to a measured approach to dating, revealing her presence on dating apps, Dave shared his perspective on the breakup.

Recognizing that divorce was the last option, he made peace with the decision and focused on the future. Despite the challenges and public scrutiny, Amber defended Dave, urging understanding for both sides. She acknowledged the magnification of their personalities on reality television and emphasized the shared, unique experiences they went through together. Amber’s journey took a turn as she found love again, getting engaged to Rob Reel in 2022. The couple celebrated significant milestones, including her 40th birthday, and eventually tied the knot on October 7, 2023.

Transitioning from Dallas, Texas, to Tampa, Florida, Amber opted for a more private life, she keeps her personal affairs away from the public eye. Dave’s post-‘MAFS’ life saw him delving into new interests, particularly golf. His relocation to Sacramento was prompted by his father’s illness, fostering close relationships with nieces and nephews. Engaging in a more private existence, he participated in ‘The Way We Met,’ an Instagram matchmaking show. He appears to be single for now and working at Flaherty Engineering Consulting. Their journeys, marked by new beginnings and personal growth, showcase the resilience of the human spirit even after the most challenging of unions.

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