Are KC and Drew From MAFS Australia Still Together?

In Nine Network’s Australian television reality series ‘Married at First Sight,’ people from different walks of life sign up to be matched with their potential soulmates. In season 7 of the experimental show, KC Osbourne from Cronulla, New South Wales, and Drew Brauer from Cairns, Queensland, both 31 at the time, signed up midway to test their luck. They got paired with each other, leading to an instant connection between the two.

While things were beginning to look promising, minor problems started cropping up. However, the couple chose to deal with them in their own way, intent on not letting it be a major cause for separation. While it has been quite some time since the season aired, fans have been wondering about what happened to the professional dancer and musician’s relationship.

KC and Drew Clashed Over a Lot of Things on The Show

KC and Drew had palpable chemistry from the moment they laid eyes on each other. The conversation soon led to the realization that they had a lot in common other than their performative careers and their fondness for mental health endeavors. However, KC started feeling concerned when she learned of Drew’s female housemate. Things got a little more complicated when she didn’t turn up for their wedding. When a suspicious KC asked him about what was wrong, Drew shared the story of his heartbreak from years ago.

Despite the explanation, the issue continued to linger on, especially during their honeymoon when a stunned KC discovered a scented soft toy packed in his luggage. A casual Drew brushed it off with a laugh and shared that it was perfumed and given by his housemate, leading to a tense conversation between the couple. The pair had barely managed to put the soft toy issue to bed when KC reached Drew’s Cairns home to find it filled with several other stuffed toys. An annoyed KC took the opportunity of Drew’s absence into account and gathered most of the soft toys and a few other items and trashed them in the bin. KC’s actions left him highly unimpressed. While Drew thought that KC was materialistic for liking little gifts from her partner, she argued that despite enjoying the gifts, materialism wasn’t one of her ingrained values. The issues got so heated that KC’s mum, aunt, and grandmother sat Drew down during lunch to have a word with him and to get him to understand who KC was deep down. The conversation worked, and the couple ended up getting intimate with each other.

In their Final Vows ceremony, a visibly emotional KC, while giving a recap of their topsy-turvy journey on the show, made it clear that she looked forward to the couple’s lives outside the show. She concluded her moving speech by adding, “I can’t walk away from a man I feel so connected to. I hope that you can accept me for all that I am and I promise to be your ride-or-die in the real world and I hope you can be mine too.” Meanwhile, Drew, who initially sounded like he might call it quits, turned things around and said, “KC, I care about you so much. You make me so happy, and I’m not ready to say goodbye yet.”

KC Embraced Motherhood and Drew Found Love Elsewhere

Despite agreeing to try and make long-distance work, KC and Drew decided to part ways a few weeks after the finale. The former couple came face-to-face during the reunion dinner, and things got a little awkward, as that was the first time they were seeing each other post their split. In an exclusive exit interview, KC shared, “I think it was just me being so keen to make it work.” However, they’ve both since then moved on and share friendly terms too, having caught up with each other in December 2020 in Drew’s hometown in Cairns.

After their split, KC started dating fellow ‘MAFS’ co-star Michael Goonan. In the ‘What Happens After’ podcast, she shared that the couple first got together after the finale, when the both of them were single. Despite seeming happy and content, the couple broke up 5 months later, in July 2020. Soon after, she appeared on the second season of MTV’s ‘Ex on the Beach,’ with Michael. She also had a short-lived romance with Jason Engler, a fellow ‘MAFS’ contestant from season 8. In April 2022, she started dating Blake Spriggs and got engaged on August 15, 2022. The couple welcomed their baby boy, Brooklyn Harmon Spriggs, on October 26, 2022.

KC and Blake are currently looking forward to their marriage and are often seen sharing snaps of their baby on their socials. Meanwhile, Drew initially focussed on his music, his charity ‘Kick On’, and on enjoying his single life. He continues to raise his voice on mental health and wellness while working on himself as well. In 2021, he started dating Samatha Clark, who is better known by her stage name KAWEYOVA. The couple has been going strong and shared their 2nd anniversary in February 2023. He’s also the co-founder of All Good Nutrition and Survivor Golf. The fun and goofy musician keeps fans updated by sharing glimpses into his life on his social media.

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