Sharon and Nick: Has the MAFS Australia Couple Separated?

The Australian television series ‘Married at First Sight’ follows a group of experts as they bring absolute strangers together for a social experiment to test their compatibility. In 2017, on season 4 of the Nine Network show, Sharon Marsh and Nick Furphy got paired with each other. The two instantly fell head-over-heels in love with each other, and couldn’t contain their excitement of starting a life together once the cameras stopped rolling on them. Sharon and Nick were one of those couples whom fans presumed would stay together thanks to their fairytale romance on the show. So, was the loved-up relationship of Sharon and Nick able to stand the test of time, and are they still together?

Sharon and Nick Were Completely Smitten With Each Other

Then 32-year-old business owner Sharon from Perth, who appeared on the show with her twin Michelle Marsh, wanted a connection that would mean something to her. The then 30-year-old Nick from Melbourne, a carpenter, matched with her, and the couple quickly connected. With a shared sense of humor that could liven up a room, they knew they wanted to be together from the get-go. The pair, with their honesty, kindness, and charm, looked like one of the best couples of the season.

Within no time, Nick had affectionately begun addressing Sharon as “wifey” too. Despite Michelle and her partner not clicking, Nick and Sharon chose to go ahead with their relationship, and the latter also agreed to shift base to Melbourne from Perth to be with him. Seeing their bond, it was no surprise that they happily said “yes” to their final decision, excited to start their real relationship beyond the reality show.

Nick and Sharon’s connection seemed so genuine that the couple didn’t hesitate to get matching tattoos while on holiday in New Zealand in April 2017 that read, “I (heart sign) Shaz” and “I (heart sign) Nick,” respectively. With discussions revolving around becoming parents, they seemed quite serious about each other. The viewers, too, couldn’t be more thrilled to have one couple choose to go out together, adamant on turning their reel marriage into a real one within a year.

Sharon is Now a Mother, While Nick is Now an Influencer

Despite seeming like the perfect pair in love, Sharon and Nick were unable to sustain their relationship. Within three months of getting matching tattoos, the two decided to part ways. Sharon shared that despite moving states to be with her reality television show husband, she felt like her feelings weren’t enough to “prolong the reunion.” She spoke of an innate desire “to feel more.” In a conversation with New Idea Magazine, Sharon said, “I love Nick, but after moving to Melbourne eight weeks ago to be with him, I soon realized I’m not in love with him.” However, she also added that despite the odds and intuitions, she had wanted their relationship to work.

Nick, devastated by the breakup, said, “It broke my heart. I started to shake and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I fell hard and fast and gave it my all. It has made me lose my faith in love a little bit.” Though their relationship didn’t last, the two agreed to remain good friends and be a part of each other’s lives forever. After their separation, both Nick and Sharon have moved on in their respective lives. The gorgeous diva now resides in Scarborough and runs a wine business with her twin called Twiins Wine. She also continues to be in charge of Marsh contractors.

While Sharon did find romance with Perth business owner Julian Rosevear in 2018, the two split soon after owing to reasons the two have decided to keep to themselves. The former reality star has since focused on herself and spending time with family and friends. She eventually got bitten by the love bug again with her partner Hal. While it isn’t known whether the couple is still together, their union did bring motherhood into Sharon’s life. The starlet gave birth to an adorable baby boy named Jordan in January 2023. She’s quite active on social media and continues to give updates to fans on the happenings of her life, in relation to her son, twin, and pet pooch.

Nick, who turned into an influencer soon after his split, also found romance through brief flings quite a few times. While he started dating Amy Lee-Dixon three months after the former couple split, the pair broke up soon after. He then went on to date Jessica Power, a ‘MAFS’ alum from season 6. However, the couple had a bitter split after a publicized outburst at Bali airport. His tumultuous love life eventually found comfort with Maggie Amber in 2020. However, it isn’t known whether the couple are still together. Nick’s social media was hacked in April 2023. This led the ‘MAFS’ alum to request fans to help him with funds so he could get his account restored and his earnings as an influencer back.

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