Are Amelia and Bennet from Married at First Sight Still Together?

A team of relationship experts find the perfect match for a group of single people, following which, the first time they meet is on the day of their wedding. They then spend 8 weeks together and decide if they would like to stay together or separate. This is the premise of Lifetime’s show ‘Married at First Sight.’ 

From the very beginning of the season, fans of the show have been rooting for Amelia and Bennet, the quirky couple that seems perfect, at least on paper. Bennet Kirschner, 28, is the artistic director of a theatre company, and Amelia Fatsi, 27, is currently completing her medical residency. If you’re curious about this couple, then you are in the right place.

Amelia and Bennet: Married at First Sight Journey 

The pair are participating in season 11 of the show. Bennet, who grew up in New Jersey, has had a string of bad relationships. That is why he chose to turn to the series, and he’s putting his trust into it’s matchmaking experts. 

In the season premiere, Amelia explains that she had always wanted to follow her mother’s footsteps professionally, and hence, is pursuing the medical field. According to Lifetime’s website, she is a very open-minded person and believes that love can happen even when one least expects it! She is participating in the show just for the experience and has not entered with any expectations per se.

When walking down the aisle, Amelia quickly realized that they had met each other at a mutual friend’s party before. Bennet too remembered her from that night. The couple may not have had an opportunity to get married at first sight, but that was not an issue at all. With revised vows on Bennet’s part, the couple said “I do,” and seemed as ready as ever to embark on this adventure.

Are Amelia and Bennet Still Together?

Well, Amelia’s Instagram profile is private, and Bennet does not seem to be on social media either. So there is no way to know for sure if they are still together or have gone their separate ways. However, one problem that they could potentially be facing is Bennet having to leave the city he has called home for the past couple of years. This is because Amelia is yet to finish her residency. Clearly it is not an easy conversation to have. Throw into the mix all those other conversations that married couples usually need to have, and one could see how things could go south for the couple quickly.

But people do have faith in their relationship. Moreover, in various interviews, both of them have said nothing but good things about each other. It seems as though so far, despite the challenges, the couple is willing to face them head-on.

In an interview with In Touch Weekly, Bennet said, “I wanted to be with someone who could make me laugh but also listen and share space with others. My ideal match would show me new sides of the world, while challenging me to unpack and investigate my own assumptions. I absolutely recognized these traits in my new partner.” 

Amelia shared his sentiments and said that Bennet is as excited about life as she is and that she has never questioned what the experts were thinking while matching them, but she’s not complaining. 

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